Things That Happen When You're a Lifetime Movie Addict

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The only thing stopping me from paying $3.99 every month for the Lifetime Movie Club app is the imminent fear of sinking into the crevices of my couch as I sit there, day after day, binging until my eyes implode. Lifetime Movie Network fans love its soapy dramas for their own reasons, but I think we can all agree the primary reason is that we can't get enough of their batsh*t crazy plots - so much so that we tend to insert ourselves right onto screen (we know all best LMN movies make you fear for your own well-being). And when you catch as many of these flicks as we do, there are certain things that tend to happen...

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    You start to recognize the actors

    After a while, you start to notice that Lifetime recycles their talent. You become familiar with these actors and really get attached to them. When one dies in one movie, you're disappointed, only to be relieved when they pop up in the next two hour segment of your life.
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    You have trust issues

    Ultimately, you'll never be able to look a stranger in the eye the same way again. Lifetime has scarred you for life. Every time you go out and meet new people, you'll always second guess their true motives. You'll always be drawn to do some major background checks before letting anyone into your life, let alone the people who are already on the "approved" list... for now.
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    You start to wonder what "Based on a true story" really means

    "Based on a true story" holds a certain amount of weight in any movie. However, when you start to understand Lifetime's standards, you're never quite sure whether this plot was verbatim or completely made up. When you've got Lifetime covering anything from the real life Pregnancy Pact to a story about a schizophrenic Lori Laughlin debating whether or not her daughter was really kidnapped, you've got to fact check your stories.
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    Every new person your friend dates might be a Craigslist Killer

    You've got major recon to do whenever your best friend comes around with a new guy or girl. Is he a mob man? Is she a black widow? You'll find out because you SAW that Lifetime movie about the guy who seemed all cute and normal in person, but actually murdered prostitutes in the dead of night. You're not about to let your bestie get blindsided when the cops show up to pick up their next Craigslist Killer. 
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    You'll never online date

    Why would you date online when you know that person you swiped right on Tinder could be an abusive ex-con texting you from the inside his PRISON CELL?!?! You wouldn't be able to handle online dating. There's too much potential of winding up cemented in the dry wall between the floor boards of your *gentle lover's* murder house.
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    You think you're much more street smart than you really are

    You've got solutions to pretty much any dire situation your Lifetime protagonists find themselves in. You're pretty sure, at this point, that you could take any hooded figure in the night with your car keys alone. You may not be as prepared as you think, but at least Lifetime is instilling enough fear to make you THINK about being prepared, in the off chance someone wants to smuggle you into a van for ransom. It's more likely than you think, at least according to Lifetime.
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