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15 Lighthearted Movies That All Of A Sudden Get Really Dark

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Vote up the comedies with dark turns you didn't see coming.

There is something quite jarring about watching seemingly lighthearted movies suddenly becoming something much darker than they initially appeared to be. Depending on the effectiveness of the filmmaking, audiences may be delighted by the sudden shift or they could feel bamboozled. Often it's an intentional twist in the narrative, intended to keep the audience on their toes, which can have an even greater impact if there is no indication of the tonal variations in the film’s marketing.

These films typically begin as comedies or romantic comedy, and the direction of these feel-good genres have the tendency to be formulaic and predictable. This is also why a sudden turning point taking the narrative in an unexpected direction is so shocking. Which comedic beginning led to an unexpectedly dark turn you didn’t see coming? Vote up the most surprising tonal shifts below.

Warning: Major plot spoilers ahead!