VOTE Solar Eclipse 2017: Here's What Eclipse Viewing Parties Looked Like All Over The U.S.  

Mick Jacobs
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One of the largest events in recent memory, the 2017 solar eclipse brought about a flurry of emotions, special sunglasses, and traffic jams. Massive eclipse gatherings took place throughout the country as citizens braced themselves for a once-in-a-lifetime event. Taking place in fields, urban landscapes, and mountaintops, eclipse crowds assembled wherever they felt they possessed the best vantage point to watch the moon take the stage from the sun. People gathered for the eclipse brought out their best outfits and most protective eyewear to ensure they enjoyed this phenomenon to the very fullest; hopefully, they also cued up the proper eclipse playlist for maximum enjoyment.

The photos of eclipse gatherings below showcase citizens across the nation taking time from their busy workdays to experience a breathtaking game of cosmic peekaboo. Using their sun-viewing gear and iPhone cameras, people captured some remarkable moments from the solar eclipse that they will likely never forget. Now, all they need to do is beat the traffic back home.

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Naturally, MIT Would Be A Perfect Hotspot For Eclipse Enthusiasts

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NASA Coverage Of The Eclipse From Nebraska

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The View From The Cabin

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Lights Out In Oregon


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