10 Signs You're Being Pursued By Lilith

While demons tend to dole out their punishments in equal measures, there’s one supernatural entity who focuses most of their rancor on men. Lilith - the first wife of Adam and all-around feminist icon - is one demon you don’t want to vex. So how can you tell Lilith’s following you? What are the signs? Luckily, if you’ve been marked by this creature for demonic possession, the symptoms are fairly obvious.

If you’ve read up on demonology, then you know a lot of demons tend to work in the shadows - but not Lilith. This is one demon that's loud and proud about wanting to eliminate you. As bad as that sounds, there are ways to keep yourself safe from Lilith, but it's essential you stay vigilant. Assuming you're exceptionally crafty, you may even escape with your seed. 

  • You're Having Raunchy, Recurring Dreams About The Same Woman

    You're Having Raunchy, Recurring Dreams About The Same Woman
    Photo: Richard Westall / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    What's the problem with having naughty dreams about a specific imaginary figure? If you're having intimate dreams about Lilith - who takes the form of a beautiful, red-haired woman - then you're in more trouble than you know. Lilith is where modern demonologists got the idea of the succubus, a female demon that mates with men in order to drain them of their essence. 

    Lilith's mythology involves God smiting hundreds of her children after she leaves Adam. In order to make thousands of new babies, she comes to men in their dreams, sleeps with them, and steals their seed to impregnate herself. 



  • You're A Pregnant Woman Plagued By A Fly

    You're A Pregnant Woman Plagued By A Fly
    Photo: Wikimedia

    According to Aramaic legend, Lilith has the ability to shapeshift into a fly to gain entry to a pregnant woman's room. This is distressing for plenty of reasons, including how annoying and gross it is to deal with an angry fly all the time.

    If you think you're dealing with a fly that's a little too pushy and persistent, you've got to get rid of it just in case it's actually a certain red-haired demon. 

  • A Blue Butterfly Is Following You

    A Blue Butterfly Is Following You
    Photo: Martin Johnson Heade / Wikimedia

    According to the Kabbalah, one of Lilith's many forms is a blue butterfly, a creature that can reportedly seduce anyone who sees it. This brand of overwhelming seductive power comes from Lilith being a part of the "Malkuth," or the kingdom of Earth, which is the bottom of the Kabbalist tree of life. 

    The Kabbalah states divine energy flows from the bottom of the tree, but when it's "unbalanced," it takes the form of a blue butterfly. In Kabbalist belief, though, Lilith's seductive nature is something to be corrected, rather than feared. 

  • You're Pregnant Or You Have Children

    You're Pregnant Or You Have Children
    Photo: John Collier / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Not even women are safe from the demonic power of Lilith. Her rage stems from God striking down hundreds of her children, and she's pledged to get revenge on every child of Eve. Even centuries later, if you're getting ready to have kids, you should be extra cautious about a red-haired woman coming for you. 

    Thankfully, there are some easy fixes to prevent this fiery witch from coming to claim your life. You can negate Lilith's power by wearing an amulet engraved with the names of the angels that spoke to her after she fled Eden to hide in the Red Sea.