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10 Signs You're Being Pursued By Lilith

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While demons tend to dole out their punishments in equal measures, there’s one supernatural entity who focuses most of their rancor on men. Lilith - the first wife of Adam and all-around feminist icon - is one demon you don’t want to vex. So how can you tell Lilith’s following you? What are the signs? Luckily, if you’ve been marked by this creature for demonic possession, the symptoms are fairly obvious.

If you’ve read up on demonology, then you know a lot of demons tend to work in the shadows - but not Lilith. This is one demon that's loud and proud about wanting to eliminate you. As bad as that sounds, there are ways to keep yourself safe from Lilith, but it's essential you stay vigilant. Assuming you're exceptionally crafty, you may even escape with your seed. 

  • People You Know Start Acting Weird

    People You Know Start Acting W is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list 10 Signs You're Being Pursued By Lilith
    Photo: Supernatural / Warner Bros.

    While everyone around you won't simultaneously start acting out of character, it's pretty typical for Lilith to control the body of a person in order to get close to someone she's hunting. If she's controlling someone, they'll most likely be acting a little off - and if they're anything like the demon's targets on the series Supernatural, they'll have big, white eyes. 

    Admittedly, gleaming information from a CW show isn't the same as cribbing from the Bible. The series does feature Lilith extensively, though. Either way, stay vigilant if your friends start getting creepy - they may be possessed by Lilith. 

  • You're A Patriarchal Jerk

    You're A Patriarchal Jerk is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list 10 Signs You're Being Pursued By Lilith
    Photo: Wikimedia

    If there's one Biblical figure that didn't get a fair shake, it's Lilith. The only thing she wanted was for Adam to treat her equally because they were supposedly both composed of the same dirt. After she left the Garden of Eden, God sent three archangels to try and force her back. But she resisted, and was cast as a demon in Christian and Jewish texts. 

    Lilith didn't receive a reevaluation until the 20th century, when she became a feminist icon. Because of her progressive contemporary status, you're going to end up on Lilith's bad list if you're acting like a macho creep.



  • A Woman With Beautiful Hair Is Flirting With You

    A Woman With Beautiful Hair Is is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list 10 Signs You're Being Pursued By Lilith
    Photo: Dante Gabriel Rossetti / Wikimedia

    It's a story as old as time - a woman with flowing red hair is flirting with you and suddenly you're ensnared in a never-ending afterlife of anguish and misery. Goethe's Faust offers a clear warning for anyone who's thinking of striking up a conversation with such a woman.

    In Faust, the title character catches sight of Lilith and asks the demon Mephistopheles about her. Mephistopheles responds:

    Adam's first wife is she.
    Beware the lure within her lovely tresses,
    The splendid sole adornment of her hair;
    When she succeeds therewith a youth to snare,
    Not soon again she frees him from her jesses.


  • You're A Child

    You're A Child is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list 10 Signs You're Being Pursued By Lilith
    Photo: William Quiller Orchardson / Wikimedia

    Because God snuffed out a bunch of Lilith's demon children, Adam's first wife has a real chip on her shoulder when it comes to youngsters. Her mission in the afterlife is to get rid of as many children of Eve as possible. So if you're a kid, you're basically Lilith's main target. 

    Historically, Lilith has been blamed for high mortality rates in children, specifically those who pass while asleep in their cribs. Boys are most likely to succumb to Lilith until they're nine days old; girls have to watch out until they're 20 days old. 

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