Graveyard Shift

10 Signs You're Being Pursued By Lilith

While demons tend to dole out their punishments in equal measures, there’s one supernatural entity who focuses most of their rancor on men. Lilith - the first wife of Adam and all-around feminist icon - is one demon you don’t want to vex. So how can you tell Lilith’s following you? What are the signs? Luckily, if you’ve been marked by this creature for demonic possession, the symptoms are fairly obvious.

If you’ve read up on demonology, then you know a lot of demons tend to work in the shadows - but not Lilith. This is one demon that's loud and proud about wanting to eliminate you. As bad as that sounds, there are ways to keep yourself safe from Lilith, but it's essential you stay vigilant. Assuming you're exceptionally crafty, you may even escape with your seed.