Graveyard Shift Super Violent And Terrifying Things That Happen When You Summon The Demon Lilith  

Rebecca High

This video introduces a horrifying lady-demon known in Jewish mysticism as the "Wife of Satan."

Lilith was allegedly the first wife of the Biblical Adam (before Eve), but she was cast out of the Garden of Eden because she refused to submit to her husband. She is now a demon-goddess known as the night-demon or wife of Satan, who makes babies sick and creates catastrophe wherever she goes.

The Munich Manual of Demonic Magic contains instructions on how to create "the mirror of Lilith," (who is also called Lylet). Once you craft the mirror according to specific instructions, you conjure her by looking into the mirror and using a spell, as laid out in the book.

But as with any magic, watch out for what you conjure. This creepy video is a foreboding peak into the Angel of Death, a supernatural creature mystics claim causes horrifying dreams.