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These Two Teens Had Enough Of Their Mother's Drinking, So They Killed Her

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It's frightening to think about children who murder their parents, especially when those children are now living free. The case of Linda Andersen and her two daughters, Elizabeth and Sandra, is no exception. Because the crime occurred when both girls were under 18 years old, the crown in Canada placed a publication ban on their real names, and their story was published using aliases. Perhaps you know these sisters and didn't even realize it.

Linda Andersen's murder happened on January 18, 2003, when the woman's two daughters decided they couldn't tolerate their mom's alcoholism, depression, and listlessness any longer. The two girls drugged and drowned Linda in the bathtub at their home in Mississauga, Ontario. They were still teenagers at the time, and authorities discovered their crimes because they bragged about them to friends. The girls were convicted to 10 years in prison and were released on parole after four. Both went off to college, and the pair are currently in their 20s.

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