Unspeakable Times

The Strange Case Of Lindy Chamberlain, Who Did Three Years' Hard Time After A Dingo Ate Her Baby

Since filmmakers released A Cry In The Dark in 1988, dozens of sitcoms and reality shows over the years have referenced the phrase "A dingo ate my baby!" The expression is based on a true incident. The story of 2-month-old Azaria Chamberlain's death begins in August 1980, when a young Australian family lost their infant daughter during a camping trip. The Azaria Chamberlain death story gripped the world, as the public watched the Chamberlains endure a media trial. 

In 1982, Australian courts sentenced Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton to a life sentence in prison for killing her child. Azaria’s father, Michael Chamberlain, received an 18-month sentence as an accessory. Both parents adamantly maintained a dingo took Azaria from their tent. They also alleged the wild dog killed and devoured the infant.

At the time of Azaria’s disappearance, there were no documented cases of dingoes attacking or killing humans, even small children. But over the years, similar cases have come to light, helping to vindicate the Chamberlain family. In 1986, Australian authorities released Chamberlain-Creighton from prison. In 2012 - 32 years later - investigators officially ruled Azaria’s death as the result of a dingo attack.