Dialogue You Always Hear In Movies That No Sane Person Has Ever Said Out Loud

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They say dialogue is hard to write – so why not just reuse as many corny movie quotes as possible? There are a lot of common movie dialogue tropes that find their way into countless films, despite the fact that no one ever says things like that. You can probably think of a dozen silly movie lines off the top of your head, maybe even more than great movie quotes.

In pretty much every action movie ever, for example, someone has yelled, "We've got company!" Sports movies inevitably include a taunt like, "Is that all you've got?" A lot of these reused lines depend on genre, of course, and each genre has its own tired tropes and trends independent of dialogue, but recycled crap dialogue is the most blatant form of screenwriting laziness, and it's rampant in Hollywood.

Here are a bunch of weird things people say in movies that pretty much no one says in real life.

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    She/He's Right Behind Me, Isn't She/He?

  • 2

    Don’t You Die On Me

  • 3

    We're Not So Different, You And I

  • 4

    You Shot Me!

  • 5

    She's Gonna Blow!

  • 6

    There's No Time To Explain

  • 7

    We’ve Got Company!

  • 8

    It’s Quiet. Too Quiet.

  • 9

    We Can Do This The Easy Way, Or The Hard Way

  • 10

    Are You Seeing What I'm Seeing?

  • 11

    I Was Born Ready

  • 12

    Did I Just Say That Out Loud?

  • 13

    If You Touch One Hair On His/Her Head…

  • 14

    Is That All You've Got?

  • 15

    It's Not What It Looks Like

  • 16

    My Middle Name Is...

  • 17

    There’s A Storm Coming

  • 18

    I Have A Bad Feeling About This

  • 19

    You're Gonna Wanna See This

  • 20

    There Are Two Kinds Of People...

  • 21

    Is That A Threat?

  • 22

    Get Outta There!

  • 23

    That's A Sentence I Thought I'd Never Say

  • 24

    I'm Getting Too Old For This

  • 25

    In English, Please