Link And The ‘Doom’ Marine Are The Same Person, According To A Wild Fan Theory

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There's a video game theory going around that claims the Doom Marine (AKA Doomguy) and Link from the Legend of Zelda series are one and the same. At first blush, this sounds absurd. What can the armored, muscled protagonist of gaming's premiere ultraviolent FPS franchise possibly have in common with the elfin savior featured in numerous family-friendly Nintendo adventures?

More than you might think, as it turns out. Read through these intriguing claims and then ask yourself... could Link be Doomguy?

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    They Both Transcend Time

    There have been various versions of Link throughout the Legend of Zelda series. Over the centuries, the Link identity seems to transcend time or even a single individual.

    Similarly, the Doom Marine is timeless. Is it always the same guy or a series of implacable soldiers behind that enigmatic face mask?

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    These Logos Look The Same

    In Doom, the Union Aerospace Corporation is a massive conglomerate that performs ethically dubious experiments on Mars, tampering with forces it cannot possibly control.

    In Doom 3, players find an updated version of the UAC logo - a triangular design very similar to the wish-granting Triforce from the Zelda games.

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    They Both Communicate Through Grunting

    With so much going on, both characters are too busy to speak. Their only form of communication is through the power of grunting. 

    Fortunately, other characters in their respective games move the story along with dialogue.

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    They Run Into Demons At Every Turn

    In the Legend of Zelda games, demons can possess creatures and transform into humans. Two of Link's biggest demon foes are Ganon and Shadow Link.

    In Doom, demons are ubiquitous.

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    They Both Wear Green

    While they sport very different outfits, Link and Doom Marine do share a sartorial common denominator: both go into combat dressed largely in green.

    If the color scheme worked as a kid, why bother changing it when they get older? Bonus: they're always covered on St. Patrick's Day.

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    Their Worlds Are Alike

    Don't be fooled by the contrasting color palettes. Link and the Doom Marine actually inhabit surprisingly similar worlds. Hyrule and Hell are both littered with puzzles and temples whose primary purpose seems to be to challenge the player. And both are populated with strange creatures roaming around with their own agendas.

    What if Hyrule is simply a reskinned Hell or vice versa?

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