'The Lion King' Voice Actors Vs. The Characters They're Voicing  

Bailey Brown
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The Lion King has come full circle in 2019 and was granted new life as a live-action film complete with a score composed by Hans Zimmer and an all-star cast that includes Beyoncé, Donald Glover, and James Earl Jones. With the resurgence of Disney remakes in 2019, The Lion King has become widly anticipated. Although the cast of The Lion King will, of course, look nothing like their CGI counterparts, viewers might recognize Marvel's Florence Kasumba or Seth Rogan when it comes to the voices behind each character. 

The Lion King premiers July 18, 2019, and considering the all-star cast of The Lion King actors and their digital counterparts, the film cannot compare to the original mid '90s animation. The movie trailer proves, if nothing else, that The Lion King will be both visually stunning and sing-a-long friendly, which some could argue is the mark of any good Disney creation.