What All The Character Names In 'The Lion King' Actually Mean

One of the most incredible elements of The Lion King is its breathtaking scenes in the heart of Africa. What's more, all The Lion King characters have names with African roots. Disney characters usually boast names that relate to their nature and purpose, and Mufasa's lineage is no exception. You may be surprised to know that the cast of The Lion King, with its loose connections to Shakespeare's Hamlet, have (mostly) Swahili names that explain their significance to the overall mythos. 

Even though there have been some criticisms of The Lion King, the popularity of the original film has led to several spinoffs in the form of movies, TV series, original books, video games, and a musical stage adaptation. Many fans have fallen in love with the coming-of-age journey of Simba. Delve deeper into The Lion King world by checking out the list below to discover the meanings behind the characters' names and the connections to their roles and personalities.