Weird Nature This Crocodile Tried To Attack A Pair Of Lions But Things Did Not Go As Planned  

Mick Jacobs

Never mess with the king of the jungle. As a crocodile in the video below quickly learns, this piece of advice also extends to the siblings of said king.

Two lion brothers decide to take a dip in the watering hole, no doubt in an attempt to escape from the scorching safari sun. Little do they realize that lying in the river's depths is a another predator looking to score some lunch.

As the lions swim across, they come into contact with the croc, who thinks it's about to finally get some food. Unfortunately for the crocodile, it underestimated the power of sibling love.

In the end the crocodile likely shed some real crocodile tears while the lion siblings continued being the ruling class of the jungle. Watch the video to see the immaculate save.