Weird Nature This Crocodile Tried To Attack A Pair Of Lions But Things Did Not Go As Planned  

Mick Jacobs

A pack of lions is called a pride, which seems fitting for such regal creatures. They're striking and powerful: wouldn't you be proud if you were a lion? Prides are fiercely loyal, especially when it comes to fighting off enemies. One crocodile in the video below learns that the hard way.

Two lions decide to take a dip in a watering hole, no doubt in an attempt to escape from the scorching savannah sun. Little do they realize that another predator is lurking in the water.

As the lions swim across, they come into contact with a crocodile, which clearly thinks it's about to get some food. Unfortunately for the crocodile, it underestimates the power of the pride. As the crocodile moves in on one of the lions, the other lion attacks the crocodile.

Somehow, all three animals survive the skirmish. The two lions protected each other from the hungry crocodile. Watch the video to see the miraculous save.