Weird Nature This Lion Was Trying To Get It On, But His Lioness Suitor Was NOT Having It  

Mick Jacobs

The unwanted advances of males remains the bane of females of all species. But in the video below, one lioness decides she's had enough.

She just wants to continue on with her nap, but her male companion appears to have other plans in mind. In a display of foolishness, the lion attempts to nudge her into action, a nudge that ignites her combustible temper.

He apparently thinks the lioness will just take his poking and prodding lying down, but he has another thing coming. The lioness, annoyed at her nap getting cut short, makes it quite clear the lion should find another female because she ain't having it.

Watch the video to see king of the jungle himself learn about the importance of respecting others' boundaries. If only human men were able to learn this lesson as easily.