Weird Nature Here's What Happened When Two Lions Jumped Into The Back Of Someone's Truck  

Mick Jacobs

This video shows a safari ride the likes of which you've never seen before. During a trip to a game park in Johannesburg, South Africa, a couple is joined on their trip by another couple: a pair of lions.

As the human couple parks their pickup in the midst of the lions' home, the big cats - a male and female - jump into the truck, no doubt curious about the junk they heard trunks tend to carry.

The couple in the car cannot believe their eyes. They can only stare as these massive felines get the hang of the hatchback. Before they leave, the king and queen of the jungle make sure to take a few souvenirs to remember their time.

Watch the video yourself to see this couple's safari sighting of a lifetime. Hopefully the next animal to try and jump into their trunk isn't an elephant.

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