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19 Freaky Cases of Lip Injections Gone Wrong

Updated June 14, 2019 322.8k views19 items
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Deciding to get lip injections is a big life decision that can drastically alter the way someone looks. What is meant to be a facial enhancement or augmentation usually turns into a literal kick in the face, or at least that's what it looks like when the surgery is done. There seem to me more stories about lip plastic surgery gone wrong than there are stories about it going right. The amount of plastic surgery fails and lip injections gone wrong that occur in America every year is astonishing.

Plastic surgeons all over the country continue to turn seemingly normal-looking people into fish-faced monsters. To quote the great Bill Burr, "Can't you look at other facelifts and realize they haven't worked out all the bugs yet?" Take a look at these 19 examples of lip injection nightmares.
  • 5. That Look Ain't Working, Working Girl

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    Melanie Griffith had a lip augmentation procedure to have fuller lips, but the surgery caused her to have overfilled lips that made her look almost like fish lips.
  • 6. Why, Nikki Cox? Why?!?

    Poor Nikki decided to mess with perfection at the age of 34, getting cheek and lip implants, turning America's ginger crush into the artist formerly known as Nikki Cox.
  • 7. The Lips of Hazzard

    Rumors about Jessica's botch lip fillers began after she posted a picture on Instagram in 2014 with her lips looking extremely puffy. Plastic surgery experts agree that Jessica might have injected more lip filler too soon or just too much at once.
  • 8. How Courtney Became A Cougar

    The former 'Friends' star has admitted to botox, but she has yet to come clean about her lip injections. One has to wonder whether her plastic surgery nightmares led to her divorce from David Arquette and her permanent Cougar Town address.