lifestyle 19 Freaky Cases of Lip Injections Gone Wrong  

Nathan Davidson

Deciding to get lip injections is a big life decision that can drastically alter the way someone looks. What is meant to be a facial enhancement or augmentation usually turns into a literal kick in the face, or at least that's what it looks like when the surgery is done. There seem to me more stories about lip plastic surgery gone wrong than there are stories about it going right. The amount of plastic surgery fails and lip injections gone wrong that occur in America every year is astonishing.

Plastic surgeons all over the country continue to turn seemingly normal-looking people into fish-faced monsters. To quote the great Bill Burr, "Can't you look at other facelifts and realize they haven't worked out all the bugs yet?" Take a look at these 19 examples of lip injection nightmares.

Farrah Abraham's Extremely Stiff Upper Lip

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The 'Teen Mom" star was just happy to be alive after her lips had an allergic reaction to a numbing agent before her surgery even began. 
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