How To Pick A Lipstick That Will Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

We've all been there. You just bought an amazing new shade of lipstick only to discover that once it's applied, your teeth look yellow. Fortunately, this doesn't mean you need to visit the dentist for an expensive Zoom treatment or try those annoying teeth-whitening strips - you just need to learn a little more about color theory and how different lipstick shades affect the whiteness of your teeth. 

Yes, there is such a thing as lipstick for white teeth (and lipstick for yellow teeth, if you’re not careful). By choosing the right undertones for your lippie, you can turn up the brightness of your smile with little-to-no effort. While certain shades may look great in the tube, they may make your smile look anything but. If you feel like you always pick out lipsticks that make your teeth look less-than-stellar, check out these smile-enhancing tips.

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  • It All Comes Down To Color Theory


    Your teeth are made up of cool tones (white) and warm tones (off-white or yellow). When you wear a lipstick that has cool undertones, it will play off the cool tones in your teeth and make your teeth look whiter. When you wear a lipstick with warm undertones, it'll pick up on the warm, yellow tones in your teeth, making for a not-so-bright smile.

  • Cool Tones In General Make Your Teeth Look Whiter


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    To avoid a yellow grin, always opt for a cool-toned lipstick. Since white is a cool tone, any other color with cool undertones will enhance your pearly whites. You can even wear bold colors like pink and green, so long as you check your undertones!

  • To Make Your Teeth Look Whiter, Opt For A Blue-Based Formula


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    On the color wheel, blue is a cool tone - which, if you've been paying attention, means it will make your teeth look white and bright. Of course, rocking blue lipstick for the sake of making your smile brighter seems a little crazy. Instead, just look for blue undertones. There are plenty of red and berry-colored lipsticks out there with a blue base. Stay away from lipsticks with an orange base, since those will pick up on any stains on your teeth.

  • MAC Lipstick In Ruby Woo Is The Blue-Toned Red You Need


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    MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo is legendary for a reason. Its blue undertones make teeth appear whiter! Slick on a coat of this MUA-favorite, blue-based red to make your smile sparkle.

  • Use BITE Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon In Aubergine For A Flattering Smile

    This eggplant-inspired shade from BITE Beauty is vampy and dark without any warmth. Its blue undertones make for a dramatic lip that will enhance the whiteness of your teeth. 

  • You Can Even Rock Purple Lipstick


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    Granted, some purple lipsticks with pink or brown undertones can make your teeth look less than picture-perfect. But don't count out purple lipstick altogether! Find a shade with blue undertones to flatter your chompers and make a bold statement.