Lisa Frank Make Up Looks Just In Time For Halloween

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Pull out your rainbow trapper keepers, because Lisa Frank-inspired makeup is blowing up on Instagram. Frankly, if you're not here for it, who are you? Lisa Frank rose to fame in the '90s, thanks to her signature rainbow-colored characters emblazoned on everything from pencil cases to stationary. Sadly, adults don't really need trapper keepers (and where can you even find them, anyway?). Like many childhood dreams, Lisa Frank faded away over the years – but now she's back in style in a whole new way. With Halloween around the corner, you probably to try out some spooky makeup looks or at the very least some pretty Halloween nails, but colorful Lisa Frank makeup is a simple statement maker. You don't need anything other than your makeup bag to achieve the magical, rainbow Lisa Frank Halloween looks of your dreams. If you add some of these great glitter makeup products or fabulous hair dyes, your Lisa Frank look will be the envy of middle-schoolers everywhere.

From rainbow-striped tigers to neon cheetahs to magical unicorns, Lisa Frank inspired makeup will absolutely slay this Halloween.