A Ghostly Apparition May Have Helped Solve Lisa Posluns’s Murder

Lisa Posluns was 38 years old when she decided to work through the night at her office in Yorkville, Canada. When she failed to return home, her family called the police to investigate. They found Posluns's body in her office building. It had been a violent death. 

After clearing one of the suspects in the building, something extraordinary allegedly happened. The man who was once a person of interest in the case claimed Posluns's ghost came to him in the office building and pointed out a clue that eventually led to her killer. Did her spirit really appear to someone and lead to the arrest and conviction of her attacker? Or was it perhaps a cover story to hide the real interaction that led to Posluns's killer?

  • On November 2, 2002, Lisa Posluns Was Working Late In Her Fifth-Floor Office

    Lisa Posluns was a realtor who decided to work late in her Toronto-area office on November 2, 2002. After getting her hair washed, Posluns let her mother know she was returning to her fifth-floor office around 7:49 pm to work into the night. Unfortunately, tragedy struck outside of the safety of her office.

    Posluns's sister, Helen, became concerned when Posluns didn't return home to her apartment that night. She called the police and asked them to check on her sister. Upon arrival, police were unable to find Posluns in her office, but eventually followed a trail of blood to her location. 

  • Posluns Was Eventually Found In An Equipment Room In Her Office Building

    Posluns was found on the ground floor of her office building inside a utility room with a telltale puddle of blood outside the door. Posluns had been stabbed seven times, had her throat slit, and was sexually assaulted by her attacker.

    The scene was grisly, with footprints and walls covered in blood. Police immediately suspected the only person who had access to the entire building and its offices.

  • The First Suspect Was Allegedly Rui Marques, The Building’s Janitorial Superintendent

    Rui Marques was said to be the janitorial superintendent of Posluns's office building, which gave him access codes and keys to all of the offices within it.

    The suspect left behind DNA on Posluns's body, so Marques's DNA was allegedly compared to that evidence. There was no match between Marques and Posluns's attacker. Strangely enough, Marques's role in Posluns's tragic story was not done yet.

  • Four Months After Posluns’s Death, Marques Claimed To Have Had A Startling Vision At Work

    In the months after Posluns's murder, Marques supposedly continued working at her office building. Around four months after the attack, Marques was cleaning a black table when he claims the apparition of Posluns appeared to him in the furniture's reflection.

    When he turned to see who was really behind him, he allegedly saw Posluns pointing to the tabletop before dissipating. He immediately had a theory as to who Posluns was trying to implicate with her appearance.

  • Marques Allegedly Didn’t Share His Story With Police At First, But Then Decided To Share The Vision He Received

    Concerned that police would think him daft, Marques claims he did not share his experience with Posluns's ghost with the police initially. Eventually, he did tell them the story and name the man he believed they needed to check out: Nelson DeJesus. DeJesus formerly worked at the office building and always wore black, which Marques believed was why Posluns pointed to the table's black top. 

    Marques supposedly told police that when DeJesus did work at the building, he described Posluns as "hot," providing a possible motive for the crime. 

    In March 2003, police arrested Nelson DeJesus and took DNA samples from him to compare to the saliva and other fluids left on Posluns's underwear and jeans. It was a match.

  • DeJesus’s Trial Began In February 2006

    Nelson DeJesus had little chance of avoiding conviction when his trial began in February 2006. He left his DNA all over the scene and on his victim's clothes. The knife sheath and handcuffs on DeJesus's person at the time of his arrest also had Posluns's DNA on them, encapsulated in dried blood. 

    Posluns's mother and sister testified that she hadn't been in a relationship with anyone since 1995 and refused to believe the successful realtor would date an office cleaner like DeJesus. They also revealed that someone had been harassing Posluns over the last 12 months of her life.