The Best LGBTQ+ Themed Movies

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Vote for your personal favorite films, regardless of how popular or successful they were at the box office.

A list of  the best gay themed movies of all time, many of which are streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Find your favorites on The Best LGBTQ+ Movies on Netflix and The Best LGBTQ+ Movies on Amazon Prime lists.

This list of gay-themed films also contains LGBTQ+ themed movie titles that can be clicked on for more information about the film. You'll even find great biopics about gay figures on the list. This LGBTQ+ movie list can be sorted by alphabetically, by director, by year, and more, but is currently ordered from best to worst, as voted on by fans of the films. Upvote your favorite movies on this list to see them get to the top, just like you always hoped they would.

If you're at home and want to watch something on a streaming service, this list of good LGBTQ+ movies can be helpful no matter the situation.

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