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List Of All Justice Society Members

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Here is the full roster of the DC Comics superhero team, the Justice Society of America, one of the most published superhero groups in comic book history. Created by Sheldon Mayer and Gardner Fox, the superhero group made their debut appearance in All Star Comics #3 (1940). The first superhero team in comic books, the JSA were assembled during World War II by President Roosevelt to take down Adolf Hitler and his newly acquired Spear of Destiny. Who are all the members in the Justice Society?

The original Justice Society lineup was Doctor Fate, Hour-Man, the Spectre, the Sandman, the Atom, the Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawkman. Notable JSA members include Superman, Batman, Black Adam, Wonder Woman, and Justice Society leader Power Girl.

Did you forget who is in the Justice Society of America? Check out the complete list of Justice Society members below.

  • Atom-Smasher

    Growth, increased strength
  • Blue Devil

    Superhuman strength, durability

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  • Citizen Steel

    Agility, Healing
  • Cyclone

    Flight, Wind manipulation
  • Darknight

    Agility, Gadgets
  • Doctor Fate

    Flight, Magic in Harry Potter

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  • Doctor Mid-Nite

    Perfect night vision, Ability to see in the light via infrared lenses

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  • The Flash

    Agility, Blast Power

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  • Green Lantern

    Power ring

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  • Hourman (Rick Tyler)

    Superhuman strength and endurance, Enhanced speed and durability
  • Jakeem Thunder

    Ability to summon and control a powerful genie, the Thunderbolt
  • Jesse Quick

    Superhuman speed, strength
  • Judomaster

    Martial artist specializing in Judo.
  • King Chimera

    Master illusionist, Genius intellect
  • Lightning

    Agility, Electricity Control
  • Mister America (Jeffrey Graves)

    Possesses two explosive whips, Maximum physical condition
  • Mister Terrific

    Bishop Abilities Genius-level intellect, Olympic-level athlete

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  • Obsidian

  • Power Girl

    Flight, Healing factor

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  • Red Beetle

    Red Beetle appears to be an unpowered heroine, patterning her codename
  • Stargirl

    Gymnastics, Kickboxing
  • Wildcat

    Resurrection, Decelerated Aging

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  • Tomcat

    Agility, Claws