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List of All Movies Released in 1964

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List of all movies released in 1964, with film trailers when available. These movies of 1964 are listed alphabetically, but if you're looking for a particular film, you can search for it by using the Filter option below. This list includes some of the best movies of 1964, but since it's a list of all 1964 films there are also some bad movies on here as well. Additional information is also available for these 1964 movies, such as their directors, actors and taglines.

List includes Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, Goldfinger, more.

If you're wondering, "What movies came out in 1964?" or "What are the best 1964 films?" then this list will answer your questions.

This is a comprehensive list of movies that premiered in 1964, so the films you see here range from smaller indie pictures to giant blockbusters. If you're a big cinema buff, this list is a great way to find some more obscure films that you may not already know. {#nodes}
  • Simhon and Son

    Simhon and Son

    Yisrael Poliakov


    Directed byJoel Silberg

    Simhon and Son is the 1964 comedy, drama film written by Moshe Ben-Ephraim, Leo Filler, Joel...
  • Enas zorikos dekaneas

    Enas zorikos dekaneas

    Tolis Voskopoulos


    Directed byVassilis Mariolis

    Enas zorikos dekaneas is a 1964 comedy film written by Ilias Lyberopoulos and directed by...
  • Kati na kaii

    Kati na kaii

    Tolis Voskopoulos


    Directed byGiannis Dalianidis

    Kati na kaii is a 1964 comedy, musical and romance film written and directed by Giannis...
  • O Giannis takane thalassa

    O Giannis takane thalassa

    Tolis Voskopoulos


    Directed byOdysseas Kosteletos

    O Giannis takane thalassa is a 1964 comedy film written by Giorgos Paizis and directed by...
  • 140 Days Under the World

    140 Days Under the World

    140 Days Under the World is a 1964 New Zealand short documentary film about Antarctica. It was... more on Wikipedia
  • 21-87
    21-87 is a 1963 Canadian abstract collage film created by Arthur Lipsett that lasts 9 minutes... more on Wikipedia
  • 23 Skidoo

    23 Skidoo

    23 Skidoo is a 1964 short experimental black-and-white film by Julian Biggs, produced by the... more on Wikipedia
  • 24 heures d'amant

    24 heures d'amant

    24 heures d'amant is a 1964 film by Claude Lelouch, starring Carlos da Silva and Luce Dijoux.... more on Wikipedia
  • 3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt

    3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt

    Mamie Van Doren, Tommy Noonan


    Directed byTommy Noonan

    3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt is a 1964 comedy film starring Mamie Van Doren and Tommy Noonan,... more on Wikipedia
  • 491


    Lena Nyman, Åke Grönberg


    Directed byVilgot Sjöman

    491 is a 1964 Swedish black-and-white drama film directed by Vilgot Sjöman, based on a novel... more on Wikipedia
  • 633 Squadron

    633 Squadron

    Cliff Robertson, Harry Andrews


    Directed byWalter Grauman

    633 Squadron is a 1964 British film, which depicts the exploits of a fictional Second World... more on Wikipedia

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  • 7 Faces of Dr. Lao

    7 Faces of Dr. Lao

    Barbara Eden, Tony Randall


    Directed byGeorge Pal

    7 Faces of Dr. Lao is a Metrocolor 1964 film adaptation of the 1935 fantasy novel The Circus... more on Wikipedia

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  • A Beautiful Maid

    A Beautiful Maid

    Shin Seong-il, Kim Seung-ho


    Directed byKang Dae-Jin

  • A Bedu Girl in Paris

    A Bedu Girl in Paris

    Samira Tewfik


    Directed byMuhammad Selman

    A Bedu Girl in Paris is a 1964 film directed by Muhammad Selman.
  • A Boring Afternoon

    A Boring Afternoon

    Bohumil Hrabal, Kamila Turková


    Directed byIvan Passer

    A Boring Afternoon is a 1968 short film written by Bohumil Hrabal and Ivan Passer and directed...
  • A Canção da Saudade

    A Canção da Saudade

    Soledad Miranda, Ismael Merlo


    Directed byHenrique Campos

    'A Canção da Saudade' is a 1964 Portuguese black-and-white film. The filming took place in a... more on Wikipedia
  • A Carol for Another Christmas

    A Carol for Another Christmas

    Peter Sellers, Britt Ekland


    Directed byJoseph L. Mankiewicz

    A Carol for Another Christmas is a 1964 American television movie, scripted by Rod Serling as... more on Wikipedia

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  • A Comedy Tale of Fanny Hill

    A Comedy Tale of Fanny Hill

    Judy Cannon


    A Comedy Tale of Fanny Hill is a short film shown in 1964.
  • A Daughter's Medal of Merit

    A Daughter's Medal of Merit

    Shin Seong-il, Kim Seung-ho


    Directed byKang Dae-Jin

  • A Distant Trumpet

    A Distant Trumpet

    Suzanne Pleshette, Troy Donahue


    Directed byRaoul Walsh

    A Distant Trumpet is a 1964 American Western film, the last directed by Raoul Walsh. It stars... more on Wikipedia
  • A Fall Trip Home
    A Fall Trip Home is a 1964 short film directed by Nathaniel Dorsky.
  • A Fear of Strangers

    A Fear of Strangers

    Stanley Baker, Earl Cameron


    Directed byHerbert Wise

    A Fear of Strangers is a 1964 British TV drama starring Stanley Baker as a racist police... more on Wikipedia
  • A Fistful of Dollars

    A Fistful of Dollars

    Clint Eastwood, Gian Maria Volonté


    Directed bySergio Leone

    A Fistful of Dollars, titled on-screen as Fistful of Dollars, is a 1964 spaghetti western film... more on Wikipedia

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  • A Fresh Start

    A Fresh Start

    A Fresh Start is a film directed by Miroslav Hubácek and Vladislav Delong released on Mar 13,...
  • A Global Affair

    A Global Affair

    Bob Hope, Yvonne De Carlo


    Directed byJack Arnold

    A Global Affair is a 1964 film directed by Jack Arnold, and starring Bob Hope, Michele... more on Wikipedia