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List of All Movies Released in 1983

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List of all movies released in 1983, with film trailers when available. These movies of 1983 are listed alphabetically, but if you're looking for a particular film, you can search for it by using the Filter option below. This list includes some of the best movies of 1983, but since it's a list of all 1983 films there are also some bad movies on here as well. Additional information is also available for these 1983 movies, such as their directors, actors and taglines.

This list is made up of movies like Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and Scarface.

If you're wondering, "What movies came out in 1983?" or "What are the best 1983 films?" then this list will answer your questions.

This is a comprehensive list of movies that premiered in 1983, so the films you see here range from smaller indie pictures to giant blockbusters. If you're a big cinema buff, this list is a great way to find some more obscure films that you may not already know. {#nodes}
  • The Virgin and the White Hair

    Sherihan, Nabila Ebeid


    Directed byHussein Kamal

    The Virgin and the White Hair is a 1983 Drama film written by Ihsan Abd al-Qudus and directed by Hussein Kamal....
  • "FF.SS." – Cioè: "...che mi hai portato a fare sopra a Posillipo se non mi vuoi più bene?"

    Roberto Benigni, Luciano De Crescenzo


    Directed byRenzo Arbore

    "FF.SS." - Cioè: "...che mi hai portato a fare sopra a Posillipo se non mi vuoi più bene?" is a 1983 film directed by Renzo Arbore, starring Roberto Benigni, Renzo Arbore and Pietra Montecorvino....  more
  • 10 to Midnight

    Kelly Preston, Charles Bronson


    Directed byJ. Lee Thompson

    10 to Midnight is an action-crime-thriller film directed by J. Lee Thompson from a screenplay originally written by William Roberts. The film stars Charles Bronson in the lead role with a supporting...  more
  • 1983 NCAA Championship: NC State vs. Houston

    Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler


  • 1984: A Personal View of Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty Four'

  • 2000 Miracles

    2000 Miracles is a 1983 short film directed by Hristo Topusanov....
  • 2019, After the Fall of New York

    Anna Kanakis, Edmund Purdom


    Directed bySergio Martino

    2019, After the Fall of New York is a 1983 Italian science fiction film directed by Sergio Martino in both English and Italian. It is of the post-apocalyptic Italian genre similar to the films 1990...  more
  • 250 Grammes: A Radioactive Testament

    Nikita Mikhalkov


    Directed byPekka Lehto, Pirjo Honkasalo

    250 Grammes: A Radioactive Testament is a 1983 drama film written by Reidar Ekner, Pirjo Honkasalo, Pekka Lehto and Pentti Saaritsa and directed by Pirjo Honkasalo and Pekka Lehto....
  • 80 Blocks from Tiffany's

    80 Blocks from Tiffany's is a 1979 documentary directed by Gary Weis. It depicted the daily life of gangs within the context of the South Bronx. It dealt primary with two African American and Puerto...  more
  • 99 Cycling Swords

    Elliot Ngok, Lo Lieh


    Directed byTyrone Shu

  • A Blade in the Dark

    Michele Soavi, Andrea Occhipinti


    Directed byLamberto Bava

    A Blade in the Dark is a 1983 Italian giallo film directed by Lamberto Bava....  more
  • A Burning Lantern

    Sashshennyi fonarj is a 1983 drama film written and directed by Agasi Ajwasjan....
  • A Certain Sacrifice

    Madonna, Jeremy Pattnosh


    Directed byStephen Jon Lewicki

    A Certain Sacrifice is a 1985 American drama film co-written and directed by Stephen Jon Lewicki and starring Madonna, Jeremy Pattnosh and Charles Kurtz. It was Madonna's first movie, filmed around...  more
  • A Christmas Story

    Darren McGavin, Melinda Dillon


    Directed byBob Clark

    A Christmas Story is a 1983 American Christmas comedy film based on the short stories and semi-fictional anecdotes of author and raconteur Jean Shepherd, based on his book In God We Trust: All Others...  more

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  • A Day at Karl Marx's Grave

    A Day at Karl Marx's Grave is a 1983 short film directed by Peter von Bagh....
  • A Duck-and-Drake Adventure

    Viktor Orbán


    Directed byAndras Solyom

    A Duck-and-Drake Adventure is a 1983 film directed by Andras Solyom....
  • The Gift of Love: A Christmas Story

    Angela Lansbury, Lee Remick


    Directed byDelbert Mann

    The Gift of Love: A Christmas Story is an American Christmas movie, originally broadcast on CBS as an annual tradition for more than five years, premiering December 20, 1983. It starred Lee Remick,...  more
  • A Hill on the Dark Side of the Moon

    Gunilla Nyroos


    Directed byLennart Hjulström

    A Hill on the Dark Side of the Moon is a 1983 drama film written by Agneta Pleijel and directed by Lennart Hjulström....  more
  • A Joke of Destiny

    Ugo Tognazzi


    Directed byLina Wertmüller

    A Joke of Destiny is a 1983 Italian comedy film directed by Lina Wertmüller. It was entered into the 14th Moscow International Film Festival....  more
  • A Killer in the Family

    James Spader, Robert Mitchum


    Directed byRichard T. Heffron

    A Killer in the Family is a 1983 American made-for-TV crime film directed by Richard T. Heffron. The film is based on the Tison v. Arizona case, which took place in 1978 in Arizona. The film first...  more
  • A Love in Germany

    Armin Mueller-Stahl, Hanna Schygulla


    Directed byAndrzej Wajda

    Eine Liebe in Deutschland is a 1983 feature film directed by Andrzej Wajda. The film is based on the novel by Rolf Hochhuth about a woman who commits adultery with a prisoner of war while her husband...  more
  • A Married Couple

    Amnon Dankner, Yaron London


    Directed byIsaac Zepel Yeshurun

    A Married Couple is the 1983 film directed by Isaac Zepel Yeshurun....  more
  • A Minor Miracle

    A Minor Miracle is a 1983 film directed by Terrell Tannen....
  • A Night in Heaven

    Lesley Ann Warren, Christopher Atkins


    Directed byJohn G. Avildsen

    A Night in Heaven is a 1983 American romance film directed by John G. Avildsen, starring Christopher Atkins as a college student and Lesley Ann Warren as his professor. The film's screenplay was...  more
  • A Night to Dismember

    Samantha Fox, Miriam Meth


    Directed byDoris Wishman

    A Night to Dismember is a 1983 horror film written by Judy J. Kushner and directed by Doris Wishman....  more