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List of All Movies Released in 1988

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List of all movies released in 1988, with film trailers when available. These movies of 1988 are listed alphabetically, but if you're looking for a particular film, you can search for it by using the Filter option below. This list includes some of the best movies of 1988, but since it's a list of all 1988 films there are also some bad movies on here as well. Additional information is also available for these 1988 movies, such as their directors, actors and taglines.

With movies ranging from Die Hard to Big, this is a great starting point for a list of your favorites.

If you're wondering, "What movies came out in 1988?" or "What are the best 1988 films?" then this list will answer your questions.

This is a comprehensive list of movies that premiered in 1988, so the films you see here range from smaller indie pictures to giant blockbusters. If you're a big cinema buff, this list is a great way to find some more obscure films that you may not already know. {#nodes}
  • The Third Eye

    Aliye Rona
    The Third Eye is a 1988 drama fantasy film directed by Orhan Oguz....
  • Crocodile Dundee II

    Tatyana Ali, Colin Quinn
    "Crocodile" Dundee II is a 1988 Australian adventure and comedy film. It is a sequel to the...  more

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  • '68

    Bernard Shakey, Jan Němec
    '68 is a 1988 film directed by Steven Kovacs. The film follows a full year of a Hungarian...  more


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  • 'Gator Bait II: Cajun Justice

    Jan MacKenzie
    'Gator Bait II: Cajun Justice is a 1988 sequel to the 1974 thriller film 'Gator Bait, written,...  more
  • 18 Again!

    Pauly Shore, George Burns
    18 Again! is a 1988 comedy film starring George Burns and Charlie Schlatter. The plot involves...  more

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  • 18 Secrets of Kung Fu

    Ko Hsiao Pao, Li Shao Hua
  • 1921

    Mammootty, Suresh Gopi
    1921 - Ayirathi Thollayirathi Irupathi Onnu is a 1988 Indian historical war drama film...  more
  • 1969

    Robert Downey Jr., Winona Ryder
    1969 is a 1988 drama film starring Robert Downey, Jr., Kiefer Sutherland, and Winona Ryder. It...  more
  • 1988 Daytona 500

    Bobby Allison, Davey Allison
  • 36 Fillette

    Jean Piere Leaud, Oliver Parniere
    36 Fillette is a 1988 French film starring Delphine Zentout and Oliver Parniere, directed by...  more
  • 46 Bis

    46 Bis is a 1988 short film directed by Pascal Baes....
  • 555

    B.K. Smith, Bob Grabill
    555 is a 1988 horror film directed and produced by Wally Koz, and written by Roy Koz....  more
  • 976-EVIL

    Sandy Dennis, Robert Picardo
    976-EVIL is a 1988 horror film directed by Robert Englund. The film's title refers to the 976...  more
  • "Bed Among the Lentils" is a dramatic monologue written by Alan Bennett in 1987 for...  more
  • A Bitter Message of Hopeless Grief

    A Bitter Message of Hopeless Grief is a 1988 short film directed by Jonathan Reiss....
  • A Broken Spine

    A Broken Spine is a 1988 film written and directed by Daniel Landin and Kate Cragg....
  • A Change of Face

    A Change of Face is a 1988 film directed by Tracey Moffatt....
  • A Chaos of Flowers

    Ken Ogata, Sayuri Yoshinaga
    A Chaos of Flowers is a 1988 Japanese film directed by Kinji Fukasaku. The theme is movements...  more
  • A Chorus of Disapproval

    Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Irons
    A Chorus of Disapproval is a 1988 British film adapted from the Alan Ayckbourn play of the...  more
  • A City Surrounded by Mountains

    A City Surrounded By the Mountains is a documentary by Mahmoud Shoolizadeh, and it introduces...  more
  • A Dangerous Life

    Gary Busey, Michael Pate
    A Dangerous Life is a 1988 English-language Australian film about the final years of the...  more
  • A Father's Revenge

    Brian Dennehy, Ron Silver
    A Father's Revenge is a 1988 thriller film written by Tom Schulman and Mel Frohman, and ...  more
  • A Few Days With Me

    Sandrine Bonnaire, Daniel Auteuil
    Quelques jours avec moi is a French film by director Claude Sautet, released in France in...  more
  • A Film with No Name

    Mira Furlan, Mladen Andrejevic
    A Film with No Name is a 1988 drama film written and directed by Srdjan Karanovic....
  • A Fish Called Wanda

    Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline
    A Fish Called Wanda is a 1988 film written by John Cleese and Charles Crichton. It was...  more

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