The Best Sex Comedy Movies, Ranked

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A list of all the best raunchy comedy movies ever made ranked from best to worst by fans just like you. What goes into a good lewd comedy? They're all obviously movies with intercourse in them, so that gets people into a good mood to begin with. They're always weird movies, which is interesting, especially when you combine that with comedy. But there's something about the marriage of the two that goes into making some of the top naughty comedies of all time. For more general compilations of comedies, be sure to check out the best comedy movies on Netflix and on Amazon Prime lists; they're really helpful. 

Sex comedies are also the best unrated movies ever, because when they release a home video "unrated version" of a comedy you saw in theaters you're getting all the adult, "not safe for theaters" stuff you didn't get in the theatrical release. When you get the unrated version of any other genre of film, you're really just getting some stuff that they probably cut for good reason and wasting an extra half hour of your life. Including Hollywood movies you have to be over 18 to watch, this list has it all. 

Vote up the funny sex comedies and vote down any that you don't ever want to watch again. '80s comedies tend to just be excuses to throw some skin on the screen. Porky's, for example, isn't really very funny at all beyond "oh look here's a bunch of boys up to no good" whereas American Pie focused on the comedy. In a way, this list features the funniest comedy movies that can get dirty.

Anyway, if you're looking for a good sex comedy, this is a great place to start. 

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All sorts of directors have taken on Sex comedy movies. Examples include Ron Howard, Gene Wilder, and Jeff Daniels.

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