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The Complete List Of Brockhampton Members, Ranked

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While you're blasting their new album Iridescence, check out the current list of Brockhampton members. Formed in San Marcos, Texas in 2015, Brockhampton AKA "the Internet's first boy band" quickly became one of the best rap groups ever with their experimental hip hop music and creative music videos. Who is your favorite Brockhampton member?

Kevin Abstract, the one who started the group, is arguably the most important member of the group. While Brockhampton rappers Merlyn Wood and Matt Champion are vital to their sound, you can't forget about producer Romil Hemnani, photographer Ashlan Grey, and manager Jon Nunes. Former Brockhampton member Ameer Van, who was kicked out of the group in 2018 due to numerous sexual assault allegations, was left off the list.  

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