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List of Companies on the DOW

Updated June 14, 2019 24.0k views28 items

The Dow Jones industrial average is one of the oldest and most important business indices in the world and perhaps the most vital index to watch to gauge the United States stock market. What companies are under Dow Jones? Here, you'll find a list of companies on the Dow Jones Industrial average. Any company included in the Dow is important to the health of the US economy. 

The Dow 30 stock market index got its name from co-founder Charles Dow, a prominent American journalist and founder of the Wall Street Journal. The companies that make up the Dow are a diverse group that are supposed to reveal the overall health of the stock market. News about the stock market moving up and down almost always refers to the stocks that comprise the Dow. 

The Dow Jones Industrial Average companies listed are for informational use and not a stock recommendation on our part.