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The Greatest Crocodile Characters Of All Time

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Okay, so alligators and crocodile characters tend to get a bad rap. Whether it’s their ridiculously large teeth or the stealth they employ when gliding up soundlessly to their victims, there's generally something scary about them.

However, not all cartoon crocs are as scary as they seem. While there are definitely some villainous crocodile characters in anime, looney tunes, and other forms of entertainment media, other famous crocs and alligators are actually kind of cute. There's that cool crocodile character who sits around busting out tunes on his trumpet in The Princess and The Frog. Not to mention Wally Gator who looks like he wouldn't chomp a fly. Even the sneaky croc who's always trolling Captain Hook's ship in Peter Pan brings with him his own sense of poetic justice. Which alligator and crocodile characters are your favorite? If a croc came into your life and you were looking for a cool croc name, these classic crocodile characters might inspire it.

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