The Best Department Stores in the US

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This list is for department stores only. Grocery stores and club warehouses, like Costco, don't count.

This list of department stores chains and major hypermarkets in the US will help you get your shopping spree on in a serious way. In these department store chains, you can buy almost anything that you can imagine including clothing, home goods, and beauty products. What a world! Fashionable department stores have been a staple of the US economy for decades and stores like Sears and Kohl's have grown in popularity among Americans looking for a deal. Major department stores in the US have locations all over the country and in almost every major city.

Retail department store chains and big department stores took a hit in the down economy but this has been turning around in the past few years. What is the best American chain of department stores? It depends who you ask, but many people like stores that have great customer service, like Nordstrom, while others prefer low-cost leaders, like Walmart. The leading regional department stores may vary according to people's tastes and preferences in different regions. Vote on this list of department store chains and add any department stores that may be missing. 
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