50 Dothraki Phrases 'Game of Thrones' Fans Can Learn Today 

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In George R.R. Martin’s series of novels A Song of Ice and Fire, there are only about 30 different Dothraki words used. When HBO adapted the series Game of Thrones for the small screen, they called upon linguist expert David J. Peterson to come up with a complete language for the nomadic war tribe. Today, there are over 3,000 words that make up the Dothraki language.

The word Dothraki means “to ride a horse.” Game of Thrones fans know that the Queen of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, is sometimes referred to as “Khaleesi.” Khaleesi is a Dothraki term that means the wife of Khal (ruler), a title she assumed when she married Khal Drogo. Just how popular is Game of Thrones? In 2012, 146 newborn baby girls in the United States were named Khaleesi.

If you want to learn Dothraki, here are 50 of the most popular Dothraki phrases and words. The language includes a few put downs like Vikeesi and Yer affesi anna, but it has no official word for thank you. Skip the boring Latin lessons and learn the language of the nomadic horse warriors instead.  

Yer jalan atthirari anni

You are the moon of my life.

Shekh ma shieraki anni

My sun and stars

Ase shafki athdrivar

Your wish is my command. (Your words are death.)

Sek, k’athjilari

Yes, definitely (Yes, by rightness.)

Vos. Vosecchi!

No. No way!

Me nem nesa

It is known.

Hash yer dothrae chek asshekh?

How are you today? (Do you ride well today?)

Anha dothrak chek asshekh

I feel well today. (I ride well today.)

Che dothras che drivos

Ride or die.

Athchomar Chomakea!

Greetings to you all!



Es havazhaan

Get lost!

Ki fin yeni?

By what failure?

Shor tawakof armor

Steel dress



Fichas jahakes moon

Take his braid. (Used when cheering on a fighter because the winner cuts off the braid of the losing fighter.)

Yer affesi anna

You make me itch. (A phrase used to indicate that you really hate someone.)

Me zisosh disse

It's just a flesh wound.

Hash me laz adakha jin zhoris?

Are these hearts edible?

Ifas maisi yerit

Go walk with your mother.




Wife of Khal


Be strong!


With respect

San athchomari yeraan!

A lot of honor to you! (Dothraki way of saying thank you.)