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List Of Executed Politicians

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List Of Executed Politicians: Here is a list of the well-known politicians, executed by law. For these politicians, death penalty put an end to their shameful life. Capital punishment is banned in some places, yet people believe that these executed politicians deserved to die this way. Most of these politicians with capital punishment dreamed of leaving a lavish life, but had fatal ends.

Many of the politicians on this list did something to end up here. For example, former Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini landed on this list of executed politicians for his role in turning Italy into a fascist state. If that wasn't enough, the prime minister teamed up with Germany to create the Axis that pitted the two nations and Japan against United States, Great Britain, France and others in World War II. Needless to say, when he was caught and executed in 1945, the West wasn't too upset.

On the opposite end, Louis XVI was a casualty of the French Revolution. The gulf between the rich and poor in France grew during his time as king and when the people finally captured him, he was beheaded and his conviction of treason. Another executed politician who wore the crown was King Charles I of England. Like Louis XVI, Charles was convicted and executed for treason during a civil war.

Same goes for Saddam Hussein. It's hard to believe, but Hussein was executed for his crimes against the Iraqi people in 2006. It seems like yesterday that American forces found hiding in a manhole, but he's the most famous recent politician to be executed. 

Many of the executed politicians on this list did one thing or another to anger the people they governed. Whether it was horrible, oppressive policies or tipping the balance in favor of the rich, the politicians for one reason or another deserved to be executed.

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