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List Of Extinct Birds, From Prehistoric Times To Now

Updated 22 Jul 2019 2.1k views20 items

Birds are some of the most plentiful and fascinating animals on the planet. There are billions of birds in the world living on every continent on Earth, but that doesn't mean there haven't been far more in the past than there are right now. Unfortunately, a large number of birds have gone extinct, leaving the world without some of the more interesting examples of what amounts to a flying dinosaur.

A list of extinct birds wouldn't be complete without some of the more well-known species of extinct bird like the dodo or the moa, but there are far more birds that have succumbed to predation, collection, and habitat loss over the years than those familiar examples. Whatever the causes for their extinction, many birds have... well, gone the way of the Dodo, as they say. These birds may be lost to time, but there are many more in need of conservation efforts to ensure lists like this one don't get longer over time. For now, check out the extinct birds list below, then check out the even larger number of penguins that have gone extinct.

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