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List of Famous Chaplains

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List of famous chaplains, with photos, bios, and other information when available. Who are the top chaplains in the world? This includes the most prominent chaplains, living and dead, both in America and abroad. This list of notable chaplains is ordered by their level of prominence, and can be sorted for various bits of information, such as where these historic chaplains were born and what their nationality is. The people on this list are from different countries, but what they all have in common is that they're all renowned chaplains.

List features Ian Bradley, William Sloane Coffin and more.

From reputable, prominent, and well known chaplains to the lesser known chaplains of today, these are some of the best professionals in the chaplain field. If you want to answer the questions, "Who are the most famous chaplains ever?" and "What are the names of famous chaplains?" then you're in the right place. {#nodes}
  • Ian Campbell Bradley (born 28 May 1950) is a retired British academic, author, theologian, Church of Scotland minister, journalist and broadcaster. At the University of St Andrews, he was Professor...  more
  • William Sloane Coffin Jr. (June 1, 1924 – April 12, 2006) was an American Christian clergyman and long-time peace activist. He was ordained in the Presbyterian Church, and later received ministerial...  more
  • Pope John XXIII (Latin: Ioannes; Italian: Giovanni; born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, Italian pronunciation: [ˈandʒelo dʒuˈzɛppe roŋˈkalli]; 25 November 1881 – 3 June 1963) was head of the Catholic...  more
  • Adam Ferguson, FRSE (Scottish Gaelic: Adhamh MacFhearghais), also known as Ferguson of Raith (1 July N.S./20 June O.S. 1723 – 22 February 1816), was a Scottish philosopher and historian of the...  more
  • Abraham Baldwin (November 22, 1754 – March 4, 1807) was an American minister, Patriot, politician, and Founding Father. Born and raised in Connecticut, he was a 1772 graduate of Yale College. After...  more
  • Not to be confused for a silent film director Frederick A. Thomson (1869-1925) Frederick Clifton Thomson (February 26, 1890 – December 25, 1928) was an American silent film cowboy who rivaled Tom...  more
  • Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer y Albás (9 January 1902 – 26 June 1975) was a Spanish Roman Catholic priest who founded Opus Dei, an organization of laypeople and priests dedicated to the...  more
  • Léon Joseph Suenens

    Leo Jozef Suenens was a Belgian prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He served as Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussel from 1961 to 1979, and was elevated to the cardinalate in 1962. Suenens was a leading...  more
  • Allen Allensworth (7 April 1842 – 14 September 1914), born into slavery in Kentucky, escaped during the American Civil War and became a Union soldier; later he became a Baptist minister and educator,...  more
  • Richard Eddy

    Richard Eddy, D.D. was an American Universalist clergyman, born at Providence, R. I. He was a chaplain of the Sixtieth New York Volunteers during the American Civil War. From 1877 to 1906 he was...  more
  • Thomas Williams may refer to:...  more
  • Rueben Philip Job

    Rueben Philip Job was a retired American Bishop of the United Methodist Church. Elected in 1984, he served the Iowa Episcopal Area and retired in 1992....  more
  • Wolf Gunther Plaut, (November 1, 1912 – February 8, 2012) was a Reform rabbi and author. Plaut was the rabbi of Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto for several decades and since 1978 was its senior...  more
  • Reuben Archer Torrey (28 January 1856 – 26 October 1928) was an American evangelist, pastor, educator, and writer....  more
  • John Joseph O'Connor (January 15, 1920 – May 3, 2000) was an American prelate of the Catholic Church. He served as Archbishop of New York from 1984 until his death in 2000, and was created a cardinal...  more
  • The Reverend William L. McLennan, Jr. — better known as "Scotty McLennan" — was born on November 21, 1948, son of William L. McLennan and Alice Polk Warner (and the grandson of Donald R. McLennan,...  more
  • Abraham Judah Klausner (April 27, 1915 – June 28, 2007) was a Reform rabbi and United States Army captain and chaplain who became a “father figure” for the more than 30,000 emaciated survivors found...  more
  • Francis Patrick Duffy (May 2, 1871 – June 27, 1932) was a Canadian American soldier, Roman Catholic priest and military chaplain. Duffy served as chaplain for the 69th Infantry Regiment (known as the...  more
  • Leo Baeck (23 May 1873 – 2 November 1956) was a 20th-century German rabbi, scholar and theologian. He served as leader of Reform Judaism in his native country and internationally, and later...  more
  • Edward McKendree Bounds

    Edward McKendree Bounds (August 15, 1835 – August 24, 1913) prominently known as E.M. Bounds, was an American author, attorney, and member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South clergy. He is known...  more
  • Father James Renshaw Cox (1886–1951) was an American Roman Catholic priest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, known for his pro-labor activism. He was a candidate for President of the United States in...  more
  • Clark Vandersall Poling (August 7, 1910 – February 3, 1943) was a minister in the Reformed Church in America and a lieutenant in the United States Army. He was one of the Four Chaplains who gave...  more
  • John David Pawson (born 25 February 1930) is a prominent Bible teacher based in the United Kingdom. He is the author of more than 75 books, has produced more than 300 teaching videos and more than...  more
  • John Weir Foote, (May 5, 1904 – May 2, 1988) was a Canadian military chaplain and politician. He received the Victoria Cross for his actions during the Dieppe Raid in 1942. Foote is the only...  more
  • Reverend Joseph Hopkins Twichell (November 30, 1838 – December 20, 1918), writer and Congregational minister in Hartford, Connecticut, is notable as the closest friend of writer Mark Twain for over...  more