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List of Famous Clowns

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This list of famous clowns includes photos, bios, and other information, when available. Who are the top clowns in the world? While most clowns don't intend to scare, these reasons why kids hate clowns might bring back some childhood fears. This list includes the most prominent clowns, living and dead, both from America and abroad. This list of notable clowns and clown names is ordered by their level of prominence, and can be sorted for various bits of information, such as where these popular clowns were born and what their nationality is. The people on this list are from different countries, but they're all regarded as famous clowns in history and today.

No clown names list would be complete without the likes of Willard Scott, Red Skelton, Bill Irwin, and more. Did you know serial killer John Wayne Gacy had a career as a clown as well? Famous circus clowns, famous TV clowns, and others are full of surprises.

From reputable, prominent, old, and well known clowns to funny clown names you might not have heard of, these are some of the funniest famous clown names int the business. You'll even find a few female clown names on this list! So, who are the most famous clowns ever? What are the names of famous clowns? This list has them all, with French, Italian, and other world famous clowns for your amusement.

  • 26

    Vladimir Durov

    Dec. at 71 (1863-1934)

    BirthplaceMoscow, Russia

    Российский дрессировщик и цирковой артист. Заслуженный артист Республики. Учился в военной гимназии, но оставил ее, увлёкшись цирком. На арене с 1879 года. С 1883 — в цирке-зверинце Винклера в...
  • 27

    BirthplaceCalifornia, United States of America

    Ernie Fosselius (born 1946) is an American filmmaker. He is best known for his satirical spoofs of popular films, including the Star Wars parody Hardware Wars....  more
  • 28

    BirthplaceBoston, Massachusetts, United States of America

    David Shiner (born September 13, 1953) is an American actor, clown, playwright and theater director....  more
  • 29

    BirthplaceReading, United Kingdom

    Justin Fletcher, (born 15 June 1970) is an English comedian, children's television presenter and actor on the BBC pre-school television channel CBeebies, speaking and performing in various, often...  more
  • 30
    Steve La Porte is a makeup artist. He won at the 61st Academy Awards in the category of Best Makeup for his work on Beetlejuice. He shared his Oscar with Ve Neill and Robert Short. He is also known...  more
  • 31

    BirthplaceWashington, D.C.

    Hunter Doherty "Patch" Adams (born May 28, 1945) is an American physician, comedian, social activist, clown, and author. He founded the Gesundheit! Institute in 1971. Each year he organizes...  more
  • 32

    Glen Little

    Dec. at 85 (1925-2010)

    BirthplaceGenoa, Nebraska

    Glen "Frosty" Little (December 5, 1925 – October 26, 2010) was a circus clown who served with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus for over 20 years. He was one of only four clowns ever to...  more
  • 33

    BirthplaceRoanne, France

    Pierre Étaix (French: [etɛks]; 23 November 1928 – 14 October 2016) was a French clown, comedian and filmmaker. Étaix made a series of short- and feature-length films, many of them co-written by...  more
  • 34

    BirthplaceNovosil, Russia

    Vyacheslav Ivanovich “Slava” Polunin PAR (Russian: Вячеслав Иванович (Слава) Полунин) (born 12 June 1950) is a Russian performance artist and clown. He is the creator of the stage spectacles...  more
  • 35

    George L. Fox

    Dec. at 52 (1825-1877)

    BirthplaceCambridge, Massachusetts

    George Washington Lafayette Fox (July 3, 1825 – October 24, 1877) was an American actor and dancer who became known for his clown roles and who based the characterisations on his inspiration Joseph...  more
  • 36

    BirthplaceBryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, United States of America

    Christopher Cantwell Fitzgerald (born November 26, 1972) is an American actor and singer. He is known for his role as Boq in the musical Wicked and his role of Igor in Young Frankenstein, for which...  more
  • 37

    Russell Scott

    Dec. at 91 (1921-2012)

    BirthplaceEnid, Oklahoma, United States of America

    Blinky the Clown (June 30, 1921 – August 27, 2012), also known as Russell Scott, and simply Clown, was an American clown, television personality and presenter who starred in a Denver, Colorado...  more
  • 38

    BirthplaceLondon, United Kingdom

    Toby Philpott (born February 14, 1946) is an English puppeteer best known for his work in motion picture animatronics during the 1980s in such films as The Dark Crystal and Return of the Jedi. Born...  more
  • 39

    Raymond Devos

    Dec. at 84 (1922-2006)

    BirthplaceMouscron, Belgium

    Raymond Devos (French: [dəvɔs]; 9 November 1922 – 15 June 2006) was a Belgian-French humorist, stand-up comedian and clown. He is best known for his sophisticated puns and surreal humour....  more
  • 40

    BirthplaceEsbjerg, Denmark

    Søren Østergaard (born 11 May 1957 in Esbjerg) is a Danish film, television and stage actor....  more
  • 41

    Annie Fratellini

    Dec. at 65 (1932-1997)

    BirthplaceAlgiers, Algeria

    Annie Fratellini (14 November, 1932 - 01 July, 1997) was a French circus artist, singer, film actress and clown. She was born Annie Violette Fratellini on November 14, 1932, in Algiers, French...  more
  • 42

    Leonid Yengibarov

    Dec. at 37 (1935-1972)

    BirthplaceMoscow, Russia

    Leonid Georgievich Yengibarov (Armenian: Լեոնիդ Ենգիբարյան; Russian: Леонид Георгиевич Енгибаров; March 15, 1935 – July 25, 1972) was a Soviet clown and actor....  more
  • 43

    BirthplaceVienna, Austria

    Markus Kupferblum (born 12 June 1964) is an Austrian theatre and opera director, playwright and clown. He founded the first Austrian Fringe Opera Company "Totales Theater" in Vienna and is an expert...  more
  • 44

    BirthplaceDetroit, Michigan, United States of America

    Jango Edwards (born Stanley Ted Edwards, April 15, 1950, Detroit, Michigan) is an American clown and entertainer who has spent most of his career in Europe, primarily in France, Spain, Netherlands,...  more
  • 45

    George Carl

    Dec. at 84 (1916-2000)

    BirthplaceOhio, United States of America

    George Carl (7 May 1916 – 1 January 2000) was a "vaudevillian" style comic & clown. Carl was born in Ohio, and started his comedy career traveling with a variety of circuses during his teenage...  more
  • 46

    Max Patkin

    Dec. at 79 (1920-1999)

    BirthplacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania

    Max Patkin (January 10, 1920 – October 30, 1999) was an American baseball player and clown, best known as the Clown Prince of Baseball (a play on "Crown Prince"). Patkin was the third "officially"...  more
  • 47

    Andy the Clown

    Dec. at 78 (1917-1995)

    BirthplaceChicago, Illinois

    Andy the Clown was the performing name of Andrew Rozdilsky Jr. (December 6, 1917 – September 21, 1995), a lifelong Chicago resident who performed, unofficially, as a clown at Chicago White Sox games...  more
  • 48

    BirthplaceSande, Germany

    Peter Behrens (4 September 1947 – 11 May 2016) was a German drummer, actor, musician, and clown....  more
  • 49

    Mark Stolzenberg

    Mark Stolzenberg is an American film and stage actor, screenwriter, producer, physical comedian and Circus Artist. He is considered by Oscar Talent Search as among the top ten acting teachers on the...  more
  • 50

    Bill Ballantine

    Dec. at 89 (1910-1999)
    William Ballantine (1812–1887) was an English Serjeant-at-law. William Ballantine is also the name of: William Ballantine (priest) (1616/1618–1661), Roman Catholic clergyman who became the first...  more