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List of Famous Editors in Chief

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List of the most notable and famous Editors in Chief in the world, with photos when available. Most prominent Editors in Chief worldwide and top Editors in Chief in America can be found on this list ordered by their level of prominence,. From reputable Editors in Chief to the lesser known Editors in Chief in history and today, these are the top Editors in Chief in their field, and should answer the question "who are the most famous Editors in Chief in the world?". The list you're viewing contains people like Adam Garfinkle and William Ng. You may want to copy this factual list to build your own just like it, re-rank it to fit your views, then publish it to share with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers or with any other social networks you're on. (64 Items)
  • Harold Louis Humes, Jr. (May 11, 1926 – September 10, 1992) was known as HL Humes in his books, and usually as "Doc" Humes in life. He was the originator of The Paris Review literary magazine,...  more
  • John Robert Colombo, CM (born March 24, 1936) is a Canadian author, editor, and poet. He has published over 200 titles, including major anthologies and reference works....  more
  • Maxine Chernoff (born 1952) is an American novelist, writer, poet, academic and literary magazine editor. She was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and attended the University of Illinois at...  more
  • Graciano López Jaena (December 18, 1856 – January 20, 1896) was a Filipino journalist, orator, revolutionary, and national hero who is well known for his newspaper, La Solidaridad.Philippine...  more
  • Robert Stacy McCain (born October 6, 1959) is an American conservative journalist, writer, and blogger. McCain is a former assistant national editor and reporter for The Washington Times and...  more
  • Gilbert Monell Hitchcock (September 18, 1859 – February 3, 1934) was an American congressman and U.S. Senator from Nebraska, and the founder of the Omaha World-Herald newspaper....  more
  • Andreas Paraschos (born April 1958) is the editor-in-chief of Kathimerini, a daily morning newspaper published in Athens.Born in Larnaca, Paraschos spent the first years of childhood in a very...  more
  • Sonu Shamdasani (born 1962) is a London-based author, editor, and professor at University College London. His writings focus on Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), and cover the history of psychiatry and...  more
  • Adam M. Garfinkle (born June 1, 1951) is the founding editor of The American Interest, a bimonthly public policy magazine. He was previously editor of The National Interest. He has been a university...  more
  • Robert Wilson Ewing, I, also known as Colonel Ewing (September 27, 1859 – April 27, 1931), was a prominent newspaper journalist, editor, and publisher and political figure, primarily in Louisiana, in...  more
  • Rebekah Mary Brooks (née Wade; born 27 May 1968) is a British journalist and former newspaper editor. She was chief executive officer of News International from 2009 to 2011, having previously served...  more
  • Andrew Edward Coulson (born 21 January 1968) is an English journalist and political strategist. Coulson was the editor of the News of the World from 2003 until his resignation in 2007, following the...  more
  • Homen Borgohain (Assamese: হোমেন বৰগোহাঞি) is an Assamese writer and journalist. He is currently working as the editor in chief of Assamese daily Niyomiya Barta. He was awarded the 1978 Sahitya...  more
  • Lani Ka'ahumanu (born October 5, 1943) is a bisexual and feminist writer and activist. She is openly bisexual and writes and speaks on sexuality issues frequently. She serves on the editorial board...  more
  • Quincy Howe (August 17, 1900 – February 17, 1977) was an American journalist, best known for his CBS radio broadcasts during World War II. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, he was the son of Mark...  more
  • Margaret Caroline Anderson (November 24, 1886 – October 19, 1973) was the American founder, editor and publisher of the art and literary magazine The Little Review, which published a collection of...  more
  • Rain Graves is an award-winning author of horror, fantasy, science fiction and poetry. She is also a noted Wine Poet, commissioned and featured by winemakers and wineries, and the Creator and Hostess...  more
  • Clifford D. May (born 1951) is an American journalist, editor, political activist, and podcast host. He is the founder and president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a nonpartisan policy...  more
  • Khin Myo Chit (Burmese: ခင်မျိုးချစ်, pronounced [kʰɪ̀ɴ mjó tɕʰɪʔ]; 1 May 1915 – 2 January 1999) was a Burmese author and journalist, whose career spanned over four decades. She began her career...  more
  • David Talbot (born September 22, 1951) is an American liberal journalist, author and media executive. He is the founder, former CEO and editor-in-chief of an early web magazine, Salon. Talbot founded...  more
  • James Lowder

    James Daniel Lowder (born January 2, 1963 in Quincy, Massachusetts) is an American author and editor, working frequently within the fantasy, dark fantasy, and horror genres, and on critical works...  more
  • David Pringle (born 1 March 1950) is a Scottish science fiction editor. Pringle served as the editor of Foundation, an academic journal, from 1980 through 1986, during which time he became one of the...  more
  • Loraine Hutchins is an American bisexual and feminist author, activist, and sex educator. Hutchins rose to prominence as co-editor (with Lani Ka'ahumanu) of Bi Any Other Name, an anthology that is...  more
  • Gary Rosenblatt is the editor and publisher of The Jewish Week of New York, a position he has held since 1993. Previously he was the editor of the Baltimore Jewish Times for 19 years. Rosenblatt is...  more