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List of Famous Manufacturers

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List of famous manufacturers, with photos, bios, and other information when available. Who are the top manufacturers in the world? This includes the most prominent manufacturers, living and dead, both in America and abroad. This list of notable manufacturers is ordered by their level of prominence, and can be sorted for various bits of information, such as where these historic manufacturers were born and what their nationality is. The people on this list are from different countries, but what they all have in common is that they're all renowned manufacturers.

This list has a variety of people, like Johan Zacherl and Irving Wightman Colburn, in it.

From reputable, prominent, and well known manufacturers to the lesser known manufacturers of today, these are some of the best professionals in the manufacturer field. If you want to answer the questions, "Who are the most famous manufacturers ever?" and "What are the names of famous manufacturers?" then you're in the right place. {#nodes}
  • Johann Zacherl (1814 – 30 June 1888) was an Austrian inventor, industrialist and manufacturer. Johann Zacherl made a fortune in the late 19th century by selling dried flower heads of Chrysanthemum...  more
  • Irving Wightman Colburn (16 May 1861 – 4 September 1917) was an American inventor and manufacturer. Colburn developed a process for the production of continuous flat glass disks which made the mass...  more
  • Alexandre Darracq (10 November 1855 – 1931) was a French investor, engineer, cycle manufacturer and automobile manufacturer. By 1904, Darracq was producing more than ten percent of all automobiles in...  more
  • John Lynch (February 18, 1825 – July 21, 1892) was a nineteenth-century politician, merchant, manufacturer and newspaper publisher from Maine. Born in Portland, Maine, Lynch attended public schools...  more
  • John Holmes Burleigh (October 9, 1822 – December 5, 1877) was a nineteenth-century politician, sailor, manufacturer and banker from Maine. He was the son of the former U.S. representative from Maine,...  more
  • John Hopkins Clarke (April 1, 1789 – November 23, 1870) was a United States Senator from Rhode Island. Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, he moved to Providence where he studied under a private teacher....  more
  • Nehemiah Perry (March 30, 1816 – November 1, 1881) was an American clerk, cloth manufacturer and Democratic Party politician who represented New Jersey's 5th congressional district in the United...  more
  • Samuel Dickinson Hubbard (August 10, 1799 – October 8, 1855) was born in Middletown, Connecticut. He pursued classical studies at Yale College and graduated in 1819. He practiced law from 1823 to...  more
  • Philip Allen (September 1, 1785 – December 16, 1865) was an American manufacturer and politician from Rhode Island. He served as Governor of Rhode Island and as a Democratic member of the United...  more
  • John Brown Francis (May 31, 1791 – August 9, 1864) was a governor and United States Senator from Rhode Island....  more
  • Elliott White Springs (July 31, 1896 – October 15, 1959), was a South Carolina businessman and an American flying ace of World War I, credited with shooting down 16 enemy aircraft....  more
  • Andrew Williams (August 27, 1828 – October 6, 1907) was an America politician, manufacturer, merchant and miner from the State of New York. Born in Ormstown, Quebec, Canada, Williams received a...  more
  • Matthew Boulton (; 3 September 1728 – 17 August 1809) was an English manufacturer and business partner of Scottish engineer James Watt. In the final quarter of the 18th century, the partnership...  more
  • John Waters Sr appeared in the film Divine Waters....  more
  • Richard Cann McMullen (January 2, 1868 – February 18, 1944) was an American manufacturer and politician from Wilmington, in New Castle County, Delaware. He was a member of the Democratic Party, who...  more
  • James Edward English (March 13, 1812 – March 2, 1890) was a United States Representative and later U.S. Senator from Connecticut, and Governor of Connecticut....  more
  • David Wright Allison (1826 in Adolphustown, Upper Canada – May 15, 1906) was a Canadian politician, farmer, manufacturer, and speculator. He was elected to the House of Commons of Canada as a Liberal...  more
  • William Sprague IV (September 12, 1830 – September 11, 1915) was the 27th Governor of Rhode Island from 1860 to 1863, and U.S. Senator from 1863 to 1875. He participated in the First Battle of Bull...  more
  • James Fowler Simmons (September 10, 1795 – July 10, 1864) was a businessman and politician from Rhode Island who twice served as a United States Senator, first as a Whig and then as a Republican. ...  more
  • Ryszard Liebling was a painter and the father of Roman Polanski....
  • Dennis McCarthy (March 19, 1814 – February 14, 1886) was an American manufacturer and politician from New York....  more
  • Jacob Stout (1764 – November 28, 1855) was an American manufacturer and politician from Little Creek Hundred, in Kent County, Delaware. He was a member of the Federalist Party, who served in the...  more
  • Isaac Whitbeck Van Schaick (December 7, 1817 – August 22, 1901) was a U.S. Representative from Wisconsin. He was the uncle of Aaron Van Schaick Cochrane....  more
  • Orestes Cleveland, Sr. (March 2, 1829 – March 30, 1896) was an American manufacturer and Democratic Party politician who represented New Jersey's 5th congressional district from 1869 to 1871, and...  more
  • John Collins (March 1, 1776 – April 16, 1822) was an American manufacturer and politician from Delaware. He was a member of the Democratic-Republican Party and served as Governor of Delaware from...  more