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List of famous sound editors, with photos, bios, and other information when available. Who are the top sound editors in the world? This includes the most prominent sound editors, living and dead, both in America and abroad. This list of notable sound editors is ordered by their level of prominence, and can be sorted for various bits of information, such as where these historic sound editors were born and what their nationality is. The people on this list are from different countries, but what they all have in common is that they're all renowned sound editors.

With people ranging from Vincent Mauduit to Zack Bernstein, this is a great starting point for a list of your favorites.

From reputable, prominent, and well known sound editors to the lesser known sound editors of today, these are some of the best professionals in the sound editor field. If you want to answer the questions, "Who are the most famous sound editors ever?" and "What are the names of famous sound editors?" then you're in the right place. (1086 items)

Geoffrey Patterson is a sound mixer.

Al Decker is a sound re-recording mixer.

Daniel Fontaine-Bégin
Daniel Fontaine-Bégin is a film producer,sound editor and sound mixer.

Don Worsham is a sound editor.

Jason King
Jason King is a sound mixer and sound editor.

William H. Angarola is a sound editor.

Fredrick Helm
Frederick Helm is a film score composer and a sound editor.

Ernie Fosselius is an American filmmaker who has largely stayed out of the public eye. He is best known for his satirical spoofs of popular films, including the classic Star Wars parody Hardware

Tony Volante
Tony Volante is a sound re-recording mixer and supervising re-recording mixer.

William M. Andrews
William M. Andrews is a sound editor.

Johnny Ludgate is a nominee in the 2003 Gemini Award for Best Sound in a Dramatic Series.

Anthony Barney Sloman is an English broadcaster, film critic, film director, film editor, film producer, lecturer, production manager, screenwriter, sound editor and actor. Tony Sloman is a ...more

Walter Scott Murch is an American film editor and sound designer.

Peter Zinner was an Austrian-born American filmmaker who worked as a film editor, sound editor, and producer. Following nearly fifteen years of uncredited work as an assistant sound editor, ...more

Adrienne Alexander is a former American actress, voice actress and a sound editor. She may be remembered as the voice of Brattina from Hanna-Barbera’s Pound Puppies and the original voice of ...more

David Bach is a film crewmember.

Verna Fields was an American film editor, film and television sound editor, educator, and entertainment industry executive. In the first phase of her career, from 1954 through to about 1970, ...more

Ian Stynes is a sound designer, sound mixer and sound editor.

Alexandre Widmer is an audio engineer and a sound editor.

Doug Karr has worked in the industry since 1997 creating original independent films. Karr’s 2009 film Ten for Grandpa is a personal investigation into the life of Karr's grandfather, an infamous ...more

Robert "Bob" Joseph Beemer is an American sound mixer who has won four Oscars.

Darren Costin is the drummer for the new wave band Wang Chung. Costin first appeared on the group's debut album, Huang Chung, then on their second album Points on a Curve. When drumming, Costin ...more

Dino DiMuro is an independent composer, musician and producer.

Wylie Stateman is an American supervising sound editor. Stateman’s been nominated for multiple industry awards, including seven Academy Awards, four BAFTA Awards and 15 Motion Picture Sound ...more

Joseph Albert Maurice Blackburn was a Canadian composer, conductor, sound editor for film, builder of string instruments, and musical adviser. A graduate of the Université Laval and the ...more