The Best Female Video Game Characters

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Ever wondered who the greatest female video game character of all time is? Is it Chun Li or Samus Aran? See who are the fan favorite female gaming protagonists beflow.  Women video game characters aren't just damsels in distress or femme fatales, they are taking center stage as the main playable character in many games like Tomb Raider or a strong female supporting character in other games like Mass Effect 2. Actually, a few of them are probably femme fatales because they kick the butts of so many men.

Who are the best female videogame characters? A playable female character like Faith from Mirror's Edge? A damsel in distress like Princess Peach? Or maybe just an interesting side character, like Red Dead Redemption's Bonnie MacFarlane? Feel free to use this girls in video games list to start a list of your favorite chick game characters or sexiest female characters in video games. Which one of these "girl video game characters" is your favorite of all the video game female characters?
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