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The Best Rides at Hersheypark

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Before you head out to find a roller coaster, check out this list of the best rides at Hersheypark, including videos, types of rides, and more information. This list of the best Hersheypark attractions includes roller coasters, kids rides, indoor/dark rides, and water rides, as well as parades, live shows, and Hersheypark tours - all ranked so you can decide which ones to hit up first!

The rides on this list have been voted on by amusement park fans and Hersheypark enthusiasts. From the newest rides at Hersheypark to the classics that have been around forever, this is a list of all the most famous attractions at Hersheypark. Don't like Storm Runner or Skyrush? Vote them down so they don't win.

What are the best rides at Hersheypark? Great Bear and Lightning Racer are a great starting point for your to rank your favorites on this list. Maybe you prefer spinning twisters over basic roller coasters, or maybe you'd rather spend your time on the ground. Whatever the case, this list is how we will finally decide which are the best rides at Hersheypark!

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    Lightning Racer

    Video: YouTube
    Lighting Racer is a wooden roller coaster located at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It is located in the Midway America section of the park. Built by Great Coasters International in 2000, it was the first wooden racing and dueling roller coaster....  more
    • Park: Hersheypark
    • Opened In: 2000-05-13
    • Height (m): 27.432
    • Max Speed (km/h): 82.076544
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    Video: YouTube
    The Comet is a wooden roller coaster at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It is located in the Hollow section of Hersheypark, next to Skyrush. Built in 1946 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the coaster features a double out and back track layout. When built it was jointly owned by Hershey Park and PTC....  more
    • Park: Hersheypark
    • Opened In: 1946
    • Height (m): 25.6032
    • Max Speed (km/h): 80.4672
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    Video: YouTube
    The SooperDooperLooper is a ride at Hersheypark. It was designed as a terrain coaster by Werner Stengel, and built by Anton Schwarzkopf....  more
    • Park: Hersheypark
    • Opened In: 1977-07-04
    • Height (m): 22.86
    • Max Speed (km/h): 72.42048
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    Coal Cracker

    Video: YouTube
    Coal Cracker is a classic hydroflume ride located at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The ride was installed by Arrow Development in 1973, making it the oldest water ride at Hersheypark still in daily operation. It has a unique layout, due to the terrain features of this part of the park. Riders are seated in 12-foot boats for the three and a half minute ride along a water channel over 2,000-foot long. Once the fiberglass boat has ascended the first lift hill, riders are only 55 feet off the ground. A second lift carries riders above the Twin Turnpike ride, preparing them for the final 35-degree, 49-foot drop. Riders' photographs are taken midway through the drop. The Coal Cracker...  more
    • Park: Hersheypark
    • Opened In: 1973
    • Ride Type: Log flume
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