The Best Highschool Of The Dead Characters

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All minor and major characters from Highschool of the Dead. Vote for your personal favorite characters from the show, regardless of how beloved they are by others.

List of the best Highschool of the Dead characters, with pictures and character bios when available. Vote for your favorite Highschool of the Dead characters and help make this list the ultimate source for who the best characters of the show are. Highschool of the Dead character roles from every episode are included, along with the names of the actors who voice them.

It's no question that Saeko Busujima is one of the best Highschool of the Dead characters. This purple-haired warrior was captain of the Kendo Club before the apocalypse occurred. This list also features popular Highschool of the Dead characters like Saya Takagi and Komuro Takashi. You can click each image for a larger picture of the character, and in some cases you can click the character's name for a more detailed description.

Who is the fan favorite character of Highschool of the Dead? Scroll down so you can find out once and for all.

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  • Saeko Busujima 
    737 votes

    Saeko Busujima 

  • Takashi Komuro
    494 votes

    Takashi Komuro

    Junichi Suwabe, Hitomi Harada; Leraldo Anzaldua
  • Rika Minami
    285 votes
    Junko Takeuchi
  • Shizuka Marikawa
    460 votes
    Yukari Fukui
  • Kouta Hirano
    371 votes

    Kouta Hirano

    Nobuyuki Hiyama
  • Yuriko Takagi
    267 votes

    Yuriko Takagi

    Yoshiko Sakakibara (Japanese), Shelley Calene-Black (English)