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film screenwriters List of My Boss, My Teacher Movie Writers

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This is a list of writers who wrote the film My Boss, My Teacher. Often times there are multiple writers for a film like this, so here’s a list of everyone who wrote My Boss, My Teacher. From the people who did re-writes on My Boss, My Teacher to those who wrote the original screenplay for My Boss, My Teacher, this is a list of everyone with a writing credit in the movie My Boss, My Teacher. Writers on this list include Kim Dong-won and Lee Yun-Jin.

This list answers the questions, "Who wrote My Boss, My Teacher?" and "Which writers wrote My Boss, My Teacher?"

Kang Seok-Beom

Kang Seok-Beom is a film director and screenwriter. ...more

Age: 45

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Nationality: South Korea

Films Written: My Boss^! My Teacher

Kim Dong-won is a film director, film producer, screenwriter and cinematographer. ...more

Age: 60

Nationality: South Korea

Films Written: R2B: Return to Base, Repatriation, My Boss^! My Teacher

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Lee Yun-Jin

Lee Yun-Jin is a screenwriter and film producer. ...more

Films Written: Two Rabbits In Osaka, My Boss^! My Teacher