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film screenwriters List of Pocahontas Movie Writers

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This is a list of writers who wrote the film Pocahontas. Often times there are multiple writers for a film like this, so here’s a list of everyone who wrote Pocahontas. From the people who did re-writes on Pocahontas to those who wrote the original screenplay for Pocahontas, this is a list of everyone with a writing credit in the movie Pocahontas. List features writers like Susannah Grant, Philip LaZebnik.

This list answers the questions, "Who wrote Pocahontas?" and "Which writers wrote Pocahontas?"

Carl Binder is a television writer and producer. He is most noted for his contributions to the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis series as well as Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and Little Men. Binder currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia and created the Pocahontas for the 1995 movie, ...more

Birthplace: Windsor, Canada

Nationality: Canada

Films Written: Pocahontas

Subjects: Pocahontas

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Jack Olesker is a screenwriter. ...more

Nationality: United States of America

Films Written: Heidi, Thumbelina, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Three Musketeers, + more

Subjects: Fairy tale

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Leonard Lee

Leonard Lee is a screenwriter. ...more

Films Written: Pocahontas, Wind in the Willows, Blinky Bill, Easter in Bunnyland

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Philip LaZebnik is an American screenwriter and producer. LaZebnik has written screenplay for films like Pocahontas, Mulan, The Prince of Egypt, The Road to El Dorado, The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar, Asterix and the Vikings, The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island, The ...more

Age: 64

Birthplace: Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States of America

Nationality: United States of America

Films Written: The Prince of Egypt, Mulan, Hindenburg, Pocahontas

Subjects: The Bible, Pocahontas, Moses, Han–Xiongnu War

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