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List of Poems by Allen Ginsberg

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List of popular poetry by Allen Ginsberg, listed alphabetically. Allen Ginsberg is one of the most famous poets of all time, having written hundreds of poems that have been enjoyed by people all over the world. Allen Ginsberg is known for various types of poetry, such as prose, limerick, haiku and various other types. If you're an aspiring poet or just a poetry lover than use this list of popular Allen Ginsberg poems to find a few that you've never read before.

This list answers the question, "What are Allen Ginsberg's most famous poems?"
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    A Supermarket in California

    Allen Ginsberg
    "A Supermarket in California" is a poem by American poet Allen Ginsberg first published in Howl and Other Poems in 1956. In the poem, the narrator visits a supermarket in California and imagines...  more
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    Hadda be Playin' on a Jukebox

    Allen Ginsberg
    "Hadda be Playin' on the Jukebox" is a poem written by Allen Ginsberg in 1975. It has been performed live, with accompanying music, by the band Rage Against the Machine, appearing on their album Live...  more
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    Allen Ginsberg
    "Howl" is a poem written by Allen Ginsberg in 1955, published as part of his 1956 collection of poetry titled Howl and Other Poems. Ginsberg began work on "Howl" as early as 1954. In the Paul...  more
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    Allen Ginsberg
    "Kaddish" also known as "Kaddish for Naomi Ginsberg (1894–1956)" is a poem by Beat writer Allen Ginsberg about his mother Naomi and her death on June 9, 1956. ...  more
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    Plutonian Ode

    Allen Ginsberg
    "Plutonian Ode" is a poem written by American Beat poet Allen Ginsberg in 1978 against the arms race and nuclear armament of the superpowers. It is heavily inspired by Gnosticism which Ginsberg came...  more
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    Pull My Daisy

    Allen Ginsberg
    "Pull My Daisy" is a poem by Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady. It was written in the late 1940s in a similar way to the Surrealist “exquisite corpse” game, with one person writing the...  more