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List of Poems by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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List of popular poetry by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, listed alphabetically. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is one of the most famous poets of all time, having written hundreds of poems that have been enjoyed by people all over the world. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is known for various types of poetry, such as prose, limerick, haiku and various other types. If you're an aspiring poet or just a poetry lover than use this list of popular Johann Wolfgang von Goethe poems to find a few that you've never read before.

This list answers the question, "What are Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's most famous poems?"
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    Der Erlkönig

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    "Erlkönig" is a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It depicts the death of a child assailed by a supernatural being, the Erlkönig, often half-translated as "Erlking", though the eponymous character...  more
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    Der König in Thule

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    "Der König in Thule" ("The King in Thule") is a German poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, written in 1774. Goethe wrote the poem "Geistesgruß" as a precursor of "Der König in Thule", while he was...  more
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    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    "Heidenröslein" or "Heideröslein" ("Rose on the Heath" or "Little Rose of the Field") is a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, published in 1799. It was written in 1771 during Goethe's stay in...  more
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    The Sorcerer's Apprentice

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" is a poem by Goethe written in 1797. The poem is a ballad in fourteen stanzas....  more