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Rare Skin Diseases

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Your risk of getting one of these rare skin diseases isn't very high, but here is a list of rare skin disorders for you to peruse as you scratch away at what looks like poison ivy, but could possibly be something worse. Uncommon dermatological conditions should be diagnosed by a doctor or better yet a dermatologist that specializes in rare diseases of the skin. Just reading this list of unusual skin infections without context from a doctor will cause a hypochondriac to barricade the doors and never have skin to skin human contact again.  Don't do that, just go see a doctor! Other common advice about keeping your skin healthy is to apply sunscreen daily, don't scratch, and seek medical advice if your symptoms get worse or persist longer than expected.

This list seeks to answer, what are rare skins diseases in humans? But, beyond increasing your knowledge about skin diseases, you might want to inform yourself by reading this Common Diseases list as well. Also check out these nervous system diseases if you are concerned about missing the signs that you have one. Finally, if you are having stomach issues you may want to see the digestive system diseases list on our site.