Military List Of Second Seminole War Battles

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List of every major Second Seminole War battle, including photos, images, or maps of the most famous Second Seminole War battles when available. While it is not a comprehensive list of all skirmishes, conflicts, or battles that took place in the Second Seminole War, we have tried to include as many military events and actions as possible. All the battles on this Second Seminole War list are currently listed alphabetically, but if you want to find a specific battle you can search for it by using the "search". Information about these Second Seminole War battles are included below as well, such as their specific locations and who was involved in the fight.

List is made up of many different battles, including Battle of Lake Okeechobee and Battle of Wahoo Swamp.
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Battle of Jupiter Inlet

The Battle of Jupiter Inlet was fought in Florida at Jupiter Inlet on January 15, 1838. A United States Navy led boat expedition to the Everglades was defeated by Seminole warriors in a small battle. It began when the expedition of 200 soldiers, sailors and marines under Lieutenant Levin M. Powell discovered a trail along the side of Jupiter Inlet. Fifty-five sailors and twenty-five marines and soldiers were landed to find the Seminoles who were encamped nearby under the command of medicine man Ar-pi-uck-i. When the Americans advanced on the Seminole camp, they were ambushed and after a long fight, they retired to their ten or so flat bottom boats unsuccessful. Five Americans were killed in ...more on Wikipedia

Locations: Jupiter, Florida, United States of America

Part of: Second Seminole War


Battle of Lake Okeechobee

The Battle of Lake Okeechobee was one of the major battles of the Second Seminole War. It was fought between 800 troops of the 1st, 4th, and 6th Infantry Regiments and 132 Missouri Volunteers, and between 380 and 480 Seminoles led by Billy Bowlegs, Abiaca, and Alligator on 25 December 1837. The Seminole warriors were resisting forced relocation to a reservation out west. Though both the Seminoles and Taylor's troops emerged from the battle claiming victory, Taylor was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General as a result, and his nickname of "Old Rough and Ready" came mostly due to this battle. In 1837 President Martin Van Buren commissioned a force which included Zachary Taylor and Richard ...more on Wikipedia

Locations: Lake Okeechobee, Florida, United States of America

Part of: Second Seminole War

Combatants: United States of America


Battle of Ouithlacoochie

The Battle of Ouithlacoochie, otherwise known as the Battle of Withlacoochee was a battle in the Second Seminole War fought on December 31, 1835, along the Withlacoochee River in Citrus County, Florida. ...more on Wikipedia

Locations: Withlacoochee River, Florida, United States of America

Part of: Second Seminole War


Battle of San Felasco Hammock

The Battle of San Felasco Hammock was a battle of the Second Seminole War fought by Florida's Seminole Indians to prevent their removal to the Arkansas Territory in accordance with the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Euro-American settlers established the town of Newnansville, Florida, around Fort Gilleland. The site upon which both Fort Gilleland and Newnansville once stood is now encompassed by the city of Alachua, Florida. The San Felasco Hammock is currently part of San Felasco Hammock State Park. ...more on Wikipedia

Locations: Newnansville, Florida, United States of America

Part of: Second Seminole War