The Greatest Shark Characters Of All Time

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For this poll we've created a list of the greatest sharks of all time, featuring famous sharks you know from movies, television, video games and more. Of course your favorite cartoon sharks are included, but this list doesn't only feature animated characters that can talk. If your favorite fictional shark is missing, don't be salty- let us know, and we'll add it to the list.

This list below has a variety of characters in it, like "friendly" and cute Bruce from Finding Nemo and funny King Shark from the DC Universe, who was featured in The Suicide Squad and the Harley Quinn show. You also can't forget about the Street Sharks! Who is the number one shark that people just can't get enough of? Scroll down and find out which names the masses voted for. Then check out our list of the best shark movies of all time.

Most divisive: Kenny the Shark
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  • Bruce, Anchor and Chum
    336 votes
    • Played By: Barry Humphries, Eric Bana, and Bruce Spence

    Bruce, Anchor and Chum: From Pixar's Finding Nemo, these three shark characters have a memorable motto, "Fish are friends, not food." They're portrayed as menacing at first but later reveal more friendly and comedic aspects.

  • Jaws
    248 votes

    The titular shark from Steven Spielberg's Jaws film series became an icon of horror. Its menacing presence and attacks on swimmers set a new standard for thriller movies and sparked a widespread fear of sharks.

  • Lenny
    Shark Tale
    280 votes
    • Played By: Jack Black

    From the animated film Shark Tale, Lenny is a kind-hearted vegetarian shark who doesn't want to follow in his mob-boss father's footsteps. His character provides humor and a unique perspective on shark stereotypes.

  • Sharpedo
    202 votes

    A Pokémon resembling a shark, Sharpedo has become a favorite among fans for its fierce appearance and battling capabilities. It represents a creative blending of shark attributes with the imaginative world of Pokémon.

  • Don Lino
    Shark Tale
    185 votes
    • Played By: Robert De Niro

    Another character from Shark Tale, Don Lino is the mob-boss father of Lenny. His character is a humorous take on traditional mobster roles, adapted into the world of ocean creatures.

  • King Shark
    DC Universe
    173 votes
    • Played By: Sylvester Stallone

    This humanoid shark character from DC Comics has appeared in various media, including the Suicide Squad film. King Shark's combination of human intelligence with shark-like ferocity makes him an intriguing anti-hero.